Everything We Can Expect From The Last Of Us Part II


One of the most highly anticipated games in production is Naughty Dog’s sequel to their beloved hit, The Last of Us. The trailer for the second game was presented in December of last year during the PlayStation Experience and was awarded from PlayStation Blog’s “Most Anticipated Game of the Year”. The game was missing from the E3 lineup this year, with Naughty Dog saying their new title Uncharted the Lost Legacy being in production before the sequel was announced. Director, Neil Druckmann, was ecstatic to see the love for the new game but tweeted out that it was “Chloe and Nadine’s time to shine”.

With not a large amount of information about the game, many have left their imaginations to wonder and speculate on the game’s story. The trailer features an older version of one of the game’s main protagonists, Ellie, playing the guitar on the bed of a house filled with freshly killed people. The figure of a man is seen approaching Ellie, holding a gun in his hand. Rumors have started with Ellie’s last words in the trailer vowing to kill “every last one of them”.


People believe Ellie is referring to the Fireflies for killing Joel, her guardian, and companion throughout the first game. Joel was supposed to bring Ellie to the Fireflies to find a cure to stop the zombie outbreak but upon finding out Joel takes Ellie from their home base to save her life.

last of us 2 ellie

Some believe Joel is no longer alive in this game and will only appear in flashbacks or as a guiding voice for Ellie. This would explain why she is vowing to reap vengeance on an unsuspecting group of unknown people. Others believe the man in the trailer is Joel coming to kill Ellie himself but with not a lot of evidence to prove this, the theory falls short.

last of us ii

No talk of a release date has been official, with many fans hoping for a 2018 release, and some believe the game won’t be on this generation’s consoles. Regardless, the hype behind this game is the real deal. We’re excited to see what is to come within the upcoming months for this new installment of a popular franchise.

#Everything We Can Expect From The Last Of Us Part II