What’s With The Nintendo And The Hardware Shortages Of Gaming Consoles

Yesterday Nintendo apologized to everyone for the shortage of Nintendo Switch and making it hard for players to get the system. This got me thinking that this is not the first time Nintendo has done it. Why Nintendo consoles always have a complaint of short supplies? Let’s take a look at why Nintendo was failed to get full supplies to players.

Mini NES Classic

Mini NES Classic was tragically killed by Nintendo and why you may ask? Well in short NOTHING! there was not a single thing that Nintendo told us about why NES Classic was killed.


The system was selling like hot cakes and everybody seem to love it because just for $60 it was a great value. At the launch, the console suffered short supplies and even big retailers like Gamestop complained about how Nintendo is not doing right with NES Classic.

It is very sad to see a great console being discontinued for no reason. do you still want to buy an NES Classic? well, good luck on that because now it is available on EBAY for just a cheap price of $250.


The latest and greatest from Nintendo. Nintendo Switch bought something out of the box in gaming console market which only adores graphics and teraflops. Nintendo Switch only focused on easy gaming and fun gaming and that did perfectly. The unique concept of home console combined with portable gaming is just amazing and Nintendo Switch passed in this compartment with flying colors.

nintendo switch

Nintendo switch is already a massive hit with selling over 2 million units and analysts have predicted that it will easily be the one of the best-selling gaming console in history.

xenoblade 2 nintendo switch

What was I talking about?SHORTAGES!! that’s right Nintendo Switch, The console that is making a lot of money for Nintendo and still, it suffered a supply shortage. the platform holder acknowledged that the Switch has continued to be in short supply since its launch in March.

“For autumn and beyond, we will continue to work to ensure that as many products as possible can be delivered to our customers towards the end of the year,” – Nintendo 

What do you think? Does Nintendo do this to create hype? or their supply system is just flawed? Let us in the comment section down below