Top 5 Greatest Metroid Video Games Of All Time

Metroid changed the whole gaming industry when it was released. It was too ahead of its competition and turned the whole platforming genre in just a few years. As it is common with Nintendo games Metroid also jumped into 3D action and it an experience that only a few games have done. We still can’t believe how Crazy the plot twist was the end of the first game…. This year Nintendo officially revealed that a new Metroid game is in development for Nintendo Switch. Today we are counting the best Metroid games of all time.


Reviews from Metacritic for GBA Version


Hardcore Metroid fanatics may be turned off by the way the navigation computer holds your hand through most of the game, but all others will find an expertly crafted adventure title. – GamerWeb Nintendo

Despite my complaints about the sound and music, and my half-hearted desire for a less linear style of play, Metroid Fusion is a great game that should be checked out by anyone who owns a GBA. – AtomicGamer

Easily THE Game of 2002 in my book. – GameShark


Reviews from Metacritic for GBA Version


A masterpiece…This is the epitome of Metroid gameplay. The designers carefully mix all the best elements from the other games and layer them on top of the already brilliant level design and concepts of the original Metroid. – NintendoWorldReport

A great bit of gaming that should be enjoyed instead of rushed so make sure you explore the whole game because it will all be over too soon. I guess all wonderful things come in small packages. – Gamezilla!

Besides the slight easiness and linearity of the main game, there isn’t much to complain about. There is an added bonus to this game in that the game actually has further story after you escape from Zebes, and the gameplay goes in a direction never explored in the Metroid series. – Nintendojo



This game, more than any other, makes me wish I owned an SNES as a kid.  I adored the original Metroid growing up and this game would have been amazing to 10 year old me. – RetroNintendoReviews

Despite these shortcomings, I recommend Super Metroid as a starting point for any newcomer to the franchise.  – Gameskinny  



A shining example of how a classic videogame series can be vividly reborn. While taking an enormous amount of liberties with the original concept, it manages to zero-in on the spirit of the Metroid series and hit a resounding bull’s-eye. – GameCritics

Whether you’re negotiating platforms (made simple thanks to a camera that pans down) or involved in the final climatic battle with Metroid Prime, you always feel as if you’re at one with the game. And surely that’s what gaming’s all about, isn’t it? – Gamestyle

A true gaming masterpiece. It is the type of game that reminds you why it was you first started playing games and manages to keep you both enthralled and amused from start to finish. – Gamers Europe




From the action-packed intro to its ultimate conclusion, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is bursting at the seams with “win” material. – Gamers’ Temple

The original “Metroid Prime” is one of the highest-rated games in existence, but Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is easily superior. It’s far less frustrating, and more action packed, while managing to redefine console shooting controls in the process. – GameTrailers

The straightforward nature of the game certainly doesn’t hurt the final product, nor to the great Wii controls. – DailyGame

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#Top 5 Greatest Metroid Video Games Of All Time