Far Cry 5 Is Looking Great But Where Is The Main Villain?

Far Cry is Ubisoft one of the biggest franchises and also one of the finest. Far Cry is pretty popular for its Antagonist more than the protagonist which is very weird. But still, gamers always look forward to villains in Far Cry Series after the Vaas and Pagan Min. Far Cry 5 is here and we got several things but still haven’t heard about the main villain? Why ?

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 got some really nice gameplay footage with more information on what the story actually is. The Story and Premise seem very interesting and obviously, the whole Cult religious fanatic thing is also awesome. I am really looking forward to Far Cry 5 as it will hopefully shake up the whole Far Cry Formula. But there’s one thing I am still looking for and it is the main villain?

Far Cry 5

Seriously We have now more than 7 trailers of Far Cry 5 and still don’t know about the main villain of the story? Why ? Far Cry 3 Introduced us to Vaas still remembered as one of the greatest villains in video game industry and also his famous dialogue “”Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?” and in Far Cry 4 we got Pagan Min very similar to Vaas but much more intelligent and also very fashionable but he was a ruthless ruler and tortured people that no one would ever imagine. Far Cry 5, on the other hand, should have already introduced us to the villain or just give a teaser trailer about him/her.


Ubisoft confirmed that the Far Cry 5 story mode will be supporting 4 player co-op just like Ghost Recon Wildlands. And we all know how terrible the story of Ghost Recon was. I am not a big fan of this whole co-op story mode situation but still, we have to see what they got for us….

I am very skeptical about the Far Cry 5 and I am also worried about the villain.. because there has to be a crazy guy in the Montana right? Right ?

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#Far Cry 5 Is Looking Great But Where Is The Main Villain?