Top 5 Most Anticipated Video Games That Were Missing At E3 2017

Well, that’s it, everyone, the majority of E3 2017 is over, as all of the major developers have now held their conferences, and made their announcements. From the reveal of the Xbox One X, to the stunning trailer for the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, we were all treated to a wonderful show. While we all have much to look forward to in the next few years, there still seemed to be a few things missing.

See, before E3 2017 officially kicked off, there were many games that we, the gamers, were expecting to see appear in one form or another. While many of these games did make an appearance (hello God of War,) sadly, there were a few that did not. The following is a list of some of the games many people expected to show up at E3 2017 but did not.

The Last of Us 2

If you have owned a Playstation in the past four years, there is a very good chance you have played the amazing game, The Last of Us. Released in June of 2013 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, the game proved so popular that a Remaster was created the following year for the Playstation 4 console. Of course, with the game being so popular, fans were clamoring for a sequel.

last of us ii

Then, during the PlayStation Experience in December 2016, a trailer was released announcing the game. Since then, little has been heard of the status of the game, and fans were very hopeful for a new trailer, or perhaps video, during Sony’s press conference, but alas, no such luck was found. As tweeted by The Last of Us writer Neil Druckmann, “Believe me, we’re super excited to show you more of Ellie and Joel’s 2nd journey, but right now it’s Chloe and Nadine’s time to shine.” So they decided not to show anything from it so they could show off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy instead, which is an understandable decision. At least in the meantime, that Days Gone video looked awesome.

Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo came into E3 with a lot of momentum and absolutely delivered. Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch? A New Yoshi game as well as a new Kirby game? Metroid Prime 4? Wow, count me in for all of the above, that is a STACKED lineup.


That’s not even mentioning the Zelda DLC or awesome Mario possession powers (for real.) Despite all of these all-too-amazing announcements, there was one that many were hoping would be announced: A Nintendo Switch port of the great Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Due to the low number of units the Wii U was able to move, a relatively small number of people were able to play this gem of a game, that still has a huge number of people playing. Having a port for the Nintendo Switch has always seemed to be more of a “when” question, and not an “if” question. It would appear that, for now at least, we are going to have to wait to have brawls between Mario and Link on a Switch console.

Dead Island 2

Originally shown at E3 2013 and 2014, we have seen little of this title since then, although developer Deep Silver insists that it is still in active development, although an official release date has not been released. E3 2017 seemed like a perfect time to release some more information about this anticipated title, but unfortunately, any fans hoping for such an announcement were out of luck.

Dead Island2

Perhaps due to the recent hype for Days Gone made them decide to bide their time a bit longer on an official announcement, but either way, if the game is still in development it would be very nice to receive an update on it’s progress.

Death Stranding

Okay, this one we knew about before E3 even started, but it was still a slight disappointment to not have any update on what will surely be a fascinatingly spectacular game.

Death Strandinh

As Hideo Kojima noted on twitter, the decision was made in order to fully focus on the development of the game, an admirable decision considering how many rushed projects are pushed out nowadays. Little is known of the title, outside of it being an open world action video game starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo del Toro. We certainly appreciate him taking his time in creating the games he does, and we look very forward to the release of Death Stranding.

Halo 6

Another game that we all but assumed would be missing, it’s absence still managed to sting a little bit. Microsoft is already slightly floundering due to the overwhelming asking price for the Xbox One X, so it would have been really nice to announce a stellar new game that is going to run and take 100 percent advantage of all the power of said system. How perfect would it have been to surprise announce the next Halo game during their conference? Clearly, the game is not ready to see the light of day, and I am certainly not one to rush production, I just wish they could have dedicated more time to the project when they still had time to spare.


It would have made that price reveal a lot easier to take in if it was announced a shiny new Halo game would look out of this world when ran on their new system. They even could have launched on the same date, the marketing would have written itself. This was not to be the case though, and Halo 6 was not announced. Perhaps they are saving that announcement for another time, but I would not be expecting it to happen anytime soon since nothing was announced during E3.


Although there were a few games missing, almost everything we wanted to see at E3 appeared, as well as a few surprises (Metroid Prime 4 anyone?) The next few years of gaming is going to be a wonderful time, and we have many games coming our way to look forward to. I for one, can not wait.

Were there any games missing that you wanted to make an appearance? Let us know in the comments below!

#Top 5 Most Anticipated Video Games That Were Missing At E3 2017