Most Innovative Upcoming Video Games (2017)

E3 2017 Is Over and its pretty good. Definitely not better than 2016 but still we got more deep coverage of video games that were announced at previous year E3. Our website has already covered major announcements of games from Sony, Ubisoft, Xbox And Nintendo. And from every conference, I have made a list of which I think will be the most innovative games.

Mario x Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft started off immediately with a trailer for their Rabbids and Mario crossover game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a tactical adventure exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It features all your favorite Mario characters such as Mario and Peach, that classic music and Nintendo style but with a Rabbids twist.


The game changes between exploration and combat modes. The combat is turn-based with the ability to change between party members and destroy covers. Each character has their own unique ability to aid the team in combat. Overall it seems like a very simple game with the classic Rabbids humor and some Nintendo polish.

Skull & Bones

Ubisoft Singapore brought us a trailer for a new IP of Skull & Bones, an Assassin’s Creed Black Flag inspired game, and is said to be “the ultimate pirate experience”.

skulls and bones.png

The game is a tactical naval combat game where you can craft your own fleet of ships or join up with friends. You can shift from crew member to crew member to steer and keep an eye out for enemy fleets. Your ship comes with canons or you can use it as a battering ram. The goal is to collect the most loot and survive. Coming out Fall of 2018

Super Mario Odyssey 

We saw some more gameplay from Super Mario Odyssey. This time we have a more clear understanding of the mechanics.

super mario oddesey

This game will center around Mario and his new companion, Cappy, a sentient hat that can assist you in not only changing your outfit to fit into new environments, but also to possess various enemies, NPCs, and even objects. Mario can possess a bullet bill, a New Donk City citizen, and even an electrical wire to zip around the world. This seems to be a merging between the Mario world and Kirby mechanics. We also see a brief glimpse of Mario merging with a mural on the wall to do a quick 2D passage to his next exploit, a la Zelda: Link Between Worlds.

Shadow of the Colossus

One of the most exciting announcements for me was the announcement of a game more than a decade old. A remake of the PS2 era Shadow of the Colossus game by Team Ico has been announced, and it looks damn good. It’s clear that this is a new build of a game, rather than a graphical re-skin.


The trailer gave us a few jaw-dropping glimpses of old colossi, now with current gen graphics. I may be naive, but I hope with this new build of the game we might get a couple of new elements. Maybe an improved camera system, or, dare I say, a couple extra colossi? We know so little as of now. The game is slated for an early 2018 release.

Detroit Become Human

Next, comes one of Sony’s new IPs, Detroit Become Human. The trailer revolves around an Android, Markus, who wants to free other androids from human oppression. However, Markus is apparently only one of several playable characters.


The trailer emphasizes player choice in the game, as one clip shows him fleeing from the police while another shows him taking cover to hide and another shows him going full frontal assault, using a car to destroy a building. We also see the option to execute or release a captured policeman. Fitting, that choice is a major mechanic in a game revolving around the independence of AI androids. The game looks great, and the choices seem particularly nuanced, rather than morally binary or mechanically separated into sneak-or-shoot gameplay.


And finally, we get a real view of the newest Spider-Man game. Last year we got a cinematic trailer, but here we get a pretty lengthy gameplay demo. It begins with an Arkham-like Predator mission, where Spider-man stealthily grapples – I mean, swings – to various vantage points, webbing up thugs as he goes. next, comes a small brawl, where Spider-man integrates webs and leaps more than actual punches and kicks.


I was impressed with how little these animations repeated, each action looking like a different command from the player. After another brawl, we get a look at a large, New-York spanning set piece as Spider-man chases Mr. Negative in a helicopter. The swinging looks exactly like you want it to look, intuitive, quick, and adrenalating. The set piece includes a number of quick time events, but these look more fun than you’d expect, the kind you’d expect to find in an Uncharted game. We also get a tease of Miles Morales, a rising star in the Marvel comics and successor t Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. All in all, this looks like a day one buy for me. When that day is, we don’t know. Early 2018 is all we know.

#Most Innovative Upcoming Video Games (2017)