Every Single Big Video Game Announced At Nintendo E3 2017

Nintendo is already going strong with new games releases and also new hardware. Nintendo Switch has already become the fastest selling game console in Nintendo’s History. They got the E3 and it was not quite good but not bad either. Without wasting time here are all the big game announced at Nintendo E3 2017

Xenoblade Chronicle 2

Xenoblade Chronicles returns and appears as big as ever. Looking as bombastic as ever, the trailer tries to impart the truly epic scale of the game. The action looks grand, and the explorable world itself looks huge. I expect it to be another success in the already wildly popular JRPG genre.

The action looks grand, and the explorable world itself looks huge. I expect it to be another success in the already wildly popular JRPG genre.


Kirby also makes a return, looking more traditional than we’ve seen him in quite a while. He’s not yarn, nor is he a cute 2D sprite, but rendered in beautiful 3D, though the games remains a side scroller.

While Kirby seems to retain his power-stealing ability, the game seems to have a focus on gaining allies from your enemies, rather than just consuming them all. It seems these allies can also be online co-op friends.


So far only titled “Yoshi”, this one is clearly a sequel to the Wii’s Yoshi’s Wooly World. It looks much the same as the last while tweaking it slightly to including an aiming system that aims horizontally as well as vertically.

There will also be some perspective-changing gameplay as the camera flips around Yoshi throughout the 2.5D levels.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem makes a comeback, this time returning with some new characters as well as some returning ones.

The trailer is brief, but we see enough to know that the game looks beautiful and action packed, with the typical focus on the story that the franchise has always had.

Zelda Expansion DLC

DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been announced before, but we are now given some more detail and brief images to pair with the announcement. There will be new gear, including a tingle outfit or a korok mask that will alert you when you are near an undiscovered korok. Hero’s Path will show players everywhere they have traveled in the last 200 hours of gameplay, allowing players to know where they have already been on the gigantic Hyrule map.


A travel medallion allows you to place a waypoint to teleport to whenever you’d like. There’s also a couple expansion. The first, released on June 30th, is the Master Trials, which will include all the previous mentions, as well as an arena challenge to fight waves of enemies. The second DLC, the Champion’s Ballad, will be released during the holidays. Little is known about this DLC, except that the champions will be a prominent element and it will likely be a story expansion. On top of these details include an announcement of amiibos of the champions.

Super Mario Odyssey 

We saw some more gameplay from Super Mario Odyssey. This time we have a more clear understanding of the mechanics.

This game will center around Mario and his new companion, Cappy, a sentient hat that can assist you in not only changing your outfit to fit into new environments, but also to possess various enemies, NPCs, and even objects. Mario can possess a bullet bill, a New Donk City citizen, and even an electrical wire to zip around the world. This seems to be a merging between the Mario world and Kirby mechanics. We also see a brief glimpse of Mario merging with a mural on the wall to do a quick 2D passage to his next exploit, a la Zelda: Link Between Worlds.

A Few More Things

Nintendo makes a few smaller announcements as well. Rocket League will be ported to the Switch with some exclusive vehicles, and Skyrim will be doing the same with some Breath of the Wild gear, such as Link’s Champion Tunic and the Master Sword.

Pokken Tournament Deluxe will be a Wii U port but will include a few new Pokemon to play as. Metroid Prime 4 is announced, but there was no trailer to accompany the title. And probably the biggest news of all, a Switch exclusive Pokemon game is in the works! They had no trailer, no description, and not even a poster to accompany this huge news. The most they said was that it will be on the Switch and we can expect to see some gameplay in about a year’s time. Well, at least we have something to look forward to for next year.

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#Every Single Big Video Game Announced At Nintendo E3 2017