Xbox One X Is The Worlds Most Powerful Console But It Is Also The Least Exciting Console

Xbox One X is the world’s most powerful console and it is true. The console is a beast when it comes to specification and the technology that is specially designed for its internal components. It is truly unbelievable to see a console capable of true Native 4K and also to see the games running at 4K 60FPS. We already know its the latest and greatest from Microsoft and also the most powerful console ever made but still why it is the least exciting?

No Exclusives

PlayStation 4 is already dominating Xbox One in terms of Exclusives overall over all support from 3rd Party developers. The Original Xbox One conference promised new console exclusives that looked really good at the time.


A few years Later Phill Spencer announces that every exclusive game on Xbox One will also be going to come to PC. That was the worst move Microsoft ever made. We all know Gaming PC are ahead of Gaming consoles when it comes to power, upgradeability, and other stuff. The Only I personally buy a console is for new Exclusives that only releases on one platform and that’s the reason most people buy a gaming console To Get Exclusives

Xbox One X is not gonna receive any new Exclusive in fact every single game will be available for Xbox One S. This was a huge disappointment to see that there will be no new games for Xbox One X.

Just Another Expansion

Everybody expected Xbox One X to be a big deal. And it’s really not that of a big deal. If you look back at the conference you will notice that in every single frame they showed the both Xbox One S and Xbox One X together. In theory, Xbox One X is just an expansion for the original Xbox One. Remember how Phill said this will be a part of “Xbox Family”

xbox one.jpg

The Xbox One X will not receive anything special from developers. There will be no exclusives and no special features that will separate Xbox One X from Xbox One S.

The concept of PS4 Pro And Xbox One X is very similar. They are both built for only people that want to enjoy gaming in 4K and HDR.


Xbox One X is expensive and it was told from the start that it will be a premium gaming console. The Price is $499 and it is really expensive for a gaming console. it is $100 more than the PS4 Pro. I mean who would like to spend $499 on a gaming console?  Don’t get me wrong here but if you give some $499 and let them what they will pick and most of the people will go for a Gaming PC instead of spending $500 on a gaming console.


The Scorpio would have been much better if it was priced $399. We have to wait a year or two for a permanent price cut. Remeber OG Xbox One was $100 more than the PS4 at Launch and how it suffered in sales? Well according to analysts it will happen again with the Xbox One X.

What do you think? Will you get An Xbox One X or you will just stick with your Gaming PC? Let me know in the comments section down below.

#Xbox One X Is The Worlds Most Powerful Console But It Is Also The Least Exciting Console