Metro Exodus Demo Was Running On High-End PC Not On An Xbox One X

Yesterday, Microsoft Revealed the much-anticipated Xbox One X previously known as Project Scorpio. The E3 conference was jam packed with games for Both Xbox One S and Enhanced for Xbox One X.

During the conference, 4A Games announced their most ambitious game “Metro Exodus” and it looked pretty insane. The gameplay was amazing and the transition between cutscene and gameplay was very minor. The world was absolutely beautiful the skin of the monsters shown in the gameplay looked really horrifying and realistic (Well in a video game sense because there are no monsters like that in real life)

The demo was shown to demonstrate the true graphical power of Xbox One X and to show the gamers how beast of a console it is. But what if I tell you that the demo was running on a High-End PC instead Of Xbox One X? Yup, this is true

According to the website GearNuke

Geoff Keighley asked if they game was seen running on the Xbox One X and what type of performance they are expecting from the game. According to the developers, they are targeting full 4K with HDR on the Xbox One X. The developers also didn’t confirm any frame rate for the game but did state that the game was seen running on a PC with specs comparable to the Xbox One.

It’s pretty sad to see how Microsoft was showing off the console as “The Worlds Most Powerful Console In The World” but showed the game demo running on an high-end PC.

Metro Exodus is in development for Xbox One X, PS4, And PC

#Metro Exodus Demo Was Running On High-End PC Not On An Xbox One X