Every Single Big Video Game Announced At PlayStation E3 2017

the Sony came onstage with show-stopping content that we’re likely to be talking about all the way through next-next, by which time many of these games are slated to come out. After a stellar and intimate musical performance to set the mood, we go straight into a blitz of trailers.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy

The show all started with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The spin-off of the Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy stars female duo Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross from previous titles.

While we’ve known about the game, we got more than a glimpse of the set pieces. While it’s always been difficult to tell the difference between actual gameplay and cinematics in the Uncharted series, it seems clear that this adventure will be every bit as bombastic as we’ve come to expect.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 4 on August 22nd.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Next came a DLC announcement for the most successful new IP of the year, Horizon Zero Dawn. We can assume from the trailer that this is a bonified expansion, taking place in a whole new map.

Aloy is continuing in her never-ending hunt for answers, though we aren’t told what these new questions might be. But the smoking mountain that centers this region and the tundra landscape that define it express the danger we’re likely to find here. Expect a new map, some more quests, and at least one new baddie to fight. The DLC is slated to release before 2017’s end.

Days Gone

After this two cinematics, we finally got a gameplay trailer. This one centered on Days Gone, the latest zombie IP exclusively for Playstation 4. The impressive part of this game is clearly the budget, and the hoards of zombies you encounter. Rather than strategically placed shuffling corpses, Days Gone displays dozens of sprinting flesh eaters in gorgeous high definition.

While the last trailer we’d seen simply displayed the hoard’s erratic, destructive, and persistent behavior, this trailer focused on the human side of things. Our hero, Deacon, needs to find a camp of bandits that had jumped an ally, Manny. On this brief quest, we see our main transportation, an old motorcycle. We also see some zombified wildlife, including a zombie wolf and a terrifying zombie bear. And while we’d seen Deacon waylaying dozens of zombies with machine guns, here Deacon chooses a quieter approach. He chokes on bandit out, catches another in a bear trap, and the destroys the barrier between a feasting zombie hoard and the bandits. All in all, the tech looks impressive, and while I’d been tired of the zombie genre for years now, this looks great. Days Gone is currently slated to come out December 29th, 2017.

Monster Hunter World

Next, comes Capcom’s Monster Hunter World. This doesn’t look like it will be a huge departure from previous titles unless you count HD graphics a huge departure.

It’s been some time between games, and the newest Monster Hunter has greatly improved. Monsters and graphics have both become quite impressive, A grappling hook has been introduced, and the game has taken a more open world take, seemingly abandoning the traditional arena structure the series has leaned on. Monster Hunter World is lsated for “Early 2018”.

Shadow of the Colossus

One of the most exciting announcements for me was the announcement of a game more than a decade old. A remake of the PS2 era Shadow of the Colossus game by Team Ico has been announced, and it looks damn good. It’s clear that this is a new build of a game, rather than a graphical re-skin.

The trailer gave us a few jaw-dropping glimpses of old colossi, now with current gen graphics. I may be naive, but I hope with this new build of the game we might get a couple of new elements. Maybe an improved camera system, or, dare I say, a couple extra colossi? We know so little as of now. The game is slated for an early 2018 release.

Capcom Versus Marvel Infinite

Capcom versus Marvel has returned! With a surprising story trailer, we see that the Capcom and Marvel heroes need to work together to fight an amalgamed Ultron and Sigma who want nothing more than the destruction of everything.

While we don’t get a whole lot outside of that we do see some ago old heroes from Capcom (Dante, Mega Man, Strider, etc.) and some of the only-recently-popular cosmic character from Marvel (Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, Nova, etc.). Outside of the stage, there was a demo that showcased two-on-two action with ally assisted combos. Infinity stones also introduce some gaming mechanics too, allowing players stat boosts and new abilities. Expect it September 19th, 2017.

Call of Duty WWII

Next, come the yearly obligation, Call of Duty. The series has gone full circle, returning to its World War roots it has started from.

Planes, tanks, and building destruction all showcase the stellar tech behind the game, as well as the destructive power we can wield as players. This Call of Duty will be out November 3rd, 2017.

Playstation VR

Next, come a blitz of PlayStation VR titles. Skyrim is the first, showing nothing new (but really, what more do you need?). We can notice the responsive motion controls, though, as the player’s hand movements are clearly in control of the magic and archery showcased.

Next, comes Star Child. I was a little stumped by this VR title, because it displayed sidescrolling gameplay, and I couldn’t understand why we would need this for the VR. However, as a tiny female character scrolls across a futuristic series of rooms, we eventually come to find a gigantic, sentient robot waiting for us. Presumably, the player will be assisted by the mech or control the mech itself, which might aid in the VR nature of the game. This is all speculation, though.

After that was “The Inpatient”. Little is explained here, but this is apparently a horror game. You know this because it’s set in an asylum, and all games set in asylums are horror games. It’s also got this 1950s vibe, and you briefly see the player hiding inside a locker from someone. Expect to hear more about this in the future.


Then came the hilarious introduction of Final Fantasy XV’s “Monster of the Deep”. If the fishing was your favorite part of FFXV, you’re in luck! This VR trailer, to the sound of stinging electric guitars, see you fishing in various bodies of water until eventually taking on what looks to be a large piranha creature. This adrenalating adventure comes out in September 2017.

Bravo Team is the VR’s next shooter. I gotta say, it looks a little unpolished, graphically and mechanically. But I don’t expect them to master VR shooting mechanics so soon. But the game had all the fanfare you’d expect from a Call of Duty of maybe seven years ago.

Next came an action-adventure, Moss. Moss is set in a typical fable setting, starring a anthropomorphic mouse, aided by what looks like a forest spirit. You’ll probably be switching between the two as the player, performing tiny sword swipes as the Desperaux- like rodent, or moving set pieces to solve puzzles as the forest spirit.

God of War

As the VR show ends, we are transported into a new trailer. Fans cheer as Kratos comes into view, along with his son. The early announcement puzzled gamers, curious about the huge departure and tone shift from the franchise. But here, Kratos seems to resume his old hack-and-slack ways, though this looks far more controlled and strategic than previous button-mashing titles.

Kratos flips through a series of weapons as he battles the Nordic monsters of old, his son apparently assisting at times. The boy will be a companion throughout the game, and the story seems to be less about Kratos’ rage as Kratos tries to assume the sage-like role for his son. This gem will be out in early 2018, and I can’t wait.

Detroit Become Human

Next, comes one of Sony’s new IPs, Detroit Become Human. The trailer revolves around an Android, Markus, who wants to free other androids from human oppression. However, Markus is apparently only one of several playable characters.

The trailer emphasizes player choice in the game, as one clip shows him fleeing from the police while another shows him taking cover to hide and another shows him going full frontal assault, using a car to destroy a building. We also see the option to execute or release a captured policeman. Fitting, that choice is a major mechanic in a game revolving around the independence of AI androids. The game looks great, and the choices seem particularly nuanced, rather than morally binary or mechanically separated into sneak-or-shoot gameplay.

Destiny 2

Then comes Destiny 2. There doesn’t seem to be much new here, but the recent information shows that Bungie will be actualizing the promises of the first game.

Minute-to-minute gameplay looks good, and they’ve displayed some Playstation exclusive gear, guns, and maps for Destiny 2 buyers.


And finally, we get a real view of the newest Spider-Man game. Last year we got a cinematic trailer, but here we get a pretty lengthy gameplay demo. It begins with an Arkham-like Predator mission, where Spider-man stealthily grapples – I mean, swings – to various vantage points, webbing up thugs as he goes. next, comes a small brawl, where Spider-man integrates webs and leaps more than actual punches and kicks.

I was impressed with how little these animations repeated, each action looking like a different command from the player. After another brawl, we get a look at a large, New-York spanning set piece as Spider-man chases Mr. Negative in a helicopter. The swinging looks exactly like you want it to look, intuitive, quick, and adrenalating. The set piece includes a number of quick time events, but these look more fun than you’d expect, the kind you’d expect to find in an Uncharted game. We also get a tease of Miles Morales, a rising star in the Marvel comics and successor t Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. All in all, this looks like a day one buy for me. When that day is, we don’t know. Early 2018 is all we know.


And that’s the show summed up. A few new releases, and a surprising amount that we’ll actually get our hands on within the next six months (if we don’t anticipate delays). What do you think? What are you most excited about, and what are you disappointed you didn’t get to see? Let me know in the comments.

#Every Single Big Video Game Announced At PlayStation E3 2017