Bethesda Just Announced The Most Pathetic Thing At E3

Bethesda E3 on June 11 was pretty bad honestly because of some obvious reasons. E3 is supposed to be the place where you announce tons of new games and brand new IP’s but Bethesda messed up this time. The Show was only 40 minutes long and barely announced anything new or exciting and of course, there was no StarField. The game that we were all waiting for.

Everything was pretty meh.. but one thing they announced and probably the worst announcement in years is PAID MODS are back.  The mods will include new weapons, armor, outfits, accessories and general gameplay enhancements, and because they’re all officially signed-off by Bethesda.

According to Bethesda

 Mods will remain a free and open system where anyone can create and share what they’d like. Also, we won’t allow any existing mods to be retrofitted into Creation Club, it must all be original content.

just because you aren’t directly paying money for mods, but credits instead, doesn’t mean you aren’t essentially paying for mods.

The video published on their youtube channel has already got more than 36,000 dislikes.

#Bethesda Just Announced The Most Pathetic Thing At E3