Best Virtual Reality Video Games That You Should Play Right

The most overused line in video game industry is “Immerse yourself into this beautiful world”. I bet you have heard this many times especially when the company introduces their Open World games.

While we never really got a chance to get immersed into the world of our favorite open world games but now we do have the chance. You can literally immerse yourself into the video game world you want. VR is the future (Well I think it is) With The help of headsets like Vive, Oculus Rift And PSVR we can enjoy and go to the places where we never could in real life. Today we are counting down Best VR Games you should play right now.


Critical Reception – 74 (Metascore) 


It’s not quite ready yet to replace the style and brilliance of the Arkham series as your go-to Batman game, but this could be the beginning of a very special new relationship with Batman, and I sincerely hope we get more like this. – God is a Geek

Fans that haven’t yet experienced the Arkham series might not get quite as much out of the story as those who’ve invested years into Rocksteady’s version of the Bat-universe, but this is still one of the first “can’t miss” titles of PlayStation’s foray into virtual reality. – Arcade Sushi

This is the best use of PlayStation VR that I’ve seen currently available. – Stevivor


Critical Reception – 83 (Metascore)


I can’t stress how much fun SUPERHOT VR is when you become fully immersed… it’s like being able to be both John Wick and Neo at once. You can have your cake, eat it, and then be offered seconds. – GameSpew

Superhot VR makes you feel like a badass. While it does have a short runtime, every second of it is challenging and, when you succeed, rewarding. It’s easily one of the best and unique experiences in VR – GamingTrend

Superhot VR is one of the best VR games out there. Blissful action in a unique setting, the game has a lot to offer. It’s over too soon, but extra modes will keep you coming back for more. – Attack of the Fanboy


Critical Reception – 71 (Metascore)


Story issues aside, EVE: Valkyrie is an excellent game and the most-polished of the bunch for the PlayStation VR’s launch lineup. – Game Over Online

PlayStation VR is all about immersion and EVE: Valkyrie does a fantastic job at handling this, and even with the presence of microtransactions, EVE: Valkyrie is still one of the best experiences thus far on PSVR. – Attack of the Fanboy

Even with slightly less impressive visuals due to a lower resolution than on Rift Valkyrie shows how immersive and engrossing action can be if it is developed for VR and VR only. –


Critical Reception – 73 (Metascore)


I love this game. I really, truly love it. It’s the realisation of a genuine fantasy, and, as I said at the start of the review, this is the kind of completely immersive experience that is exclusive to VR that makes for the most compelling argument for the technology. – Digitally Downloaded

Star Trek offers one of the most exciting VR experiences to date. Flying your own ship feels exciting and fun, especially when playing with friends. Playing in co-op is the way to play, and mostly hides the fact that the content can get repetitive. –XGN

The magic of Star Trek isn’t the ship, but in the crew, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew nails that mechanic perfectly. – GamingTrend


Critical Reception – 77 (Metascore)


It’s an engaging game that took me about 20 hours to finish. It travels to far lands, features challenging bosses, and does an impressive job of showing that, even from a third-person perspective, games in VR can transport you to another world. – Game Informer

Chronos is a good action RPG that shows you how to play a VR game with a third-person perspective. –

Chronos is an interesting adventure, that tries to adapt a classic format to the new Virtual Reality language. It has also some innovative features related to character progression, that shines above any other aspects of the game. –

What do you think? What is your favorite VR Game you have played? Let us know in the comments section down below

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