This Might Be The Most Innovative Video Game Of This Decade

I was just watched the whole EA Live Conference on youtube and I gotta admit that it is one of the best Conference EA has ever done. They announced a bunch of new games (Also Bioware new game “Anthem”) and also tons of new things for their older games. Battlefield 1 is still going strong as they showcased the new DLC called “In The Name Of TSAR”

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That was just a quick recap of the whole event. But what really got me intrigued was the game called “The Way Out”. The game is a part of EA Originals Service which was introduced last year. A Way Out is a new game from the makers of critically acclaimed “Two Brothers”.

So now you read the headline and you are like “WTF he is talking about? why did he make that Clickbait title ?” Well, first of all, hold your horses because I am gonna explain a little about the whole game and what the concept really is.

A Way Out is only playable in co-op with another player. Either through local or online co-op, players will always have another person to experience the game with. During one section, one player with has to drive a getaway vehicle, while another stays in the back to shoot at oncoming vehicles. The gameplay really looks awesome and the graphics also look very good. What really excites me is the return of Split Screen. Yes, The good old days are back! The game will feature both Online and Local Multiplayer but developer already said on stage that “the idea is for people to play together on their couches.” and I agree on that because online gaming is not the best way to go if you to play a game like this which needs coordination and teamwork. You already know how bad is online gaming when it comes to teammates.

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Personally, I am really excited to see a game come out like this because if you look at past ten years there is no game like this at all. The Concept is fresh and it is not another shitty survival co-op game. It’s something new and innovative and this could be one of those games that can make a whole new genre. I just can’t wait to play this game with my friend because it’s been years since I have played a good Split Screen Game.

What do you think? Will A Way Out change the gaming industry? let me know in the comments section down below.

#This Might Be The Most Innovative Video Game Of This Decade