Greatest Beat ‘Em Up Video Games Of All Time

Beat ‘Em Up video games are nowhere to be in 2017, in fact, there is no good beat ’em up the game in years WHY? The reason is the rise of FPS shooters. FPS shooters sales are breaking the charts every year. Every Developer wants to make a game that is both commercially and critically successful but sometimes good scores does not equal to more sales. Beat ‘Em Up was a genre that was very popular in the 90s with games like River City Ransome and more. The genre is slowly dying but there a lot of people that like to play new Beat ‘Em Up games. We don’t know if any big new Beat ‘Em up game is coming or not but today we are counting the best and the Greatest Beat ‘Em Up Video Games Of All Time.


Critical Reception – 84 (Metascore) 


Where The Warriors excels is in its accessibility. There’s so much stuff to do in the game, and the manner in which you do it is very intuitive. – RealGamer

It isn’t as diverse as “Grand Theft Auto,” but you should be able to squeeze an ample degree of catharsis out of mugging people, laying down graffiti, breaking into stores, and pummeling rival gang members. I highly recommend that you watch the movie first, though. – PSX Extreme

More importantly, they also nailed all the aspects that made the film so great, and the much larger adventure their tinkering yielded is certainly appreciated. – Gamenikki


Reviews For Xbox 360 Version

Critical Reception – 84 (Metascore) 


Forget discs and standalone releases. Here’s how to repackage old games: with tender loving care. – Official Xbox Magazine

All in all, if you’re a fan of Streets of Rage, there’s no denying that this collection is a must buy. The price of ten dollars is a good deal for three beat ’em up games with online play. Not to mention three really fun beat ’em up games. If you’ve never played the games in this series, you should still give this collection a shot not only to have some violent fun, but to see what it was like during the heyday of Sega. – ZTGD


Reviews for Gameboy Advance Verison

Critical Reception – 82 (Metascore) 


The graphics are superb for a GBA game, with colorful characters that take up a good chunk of the screen, and bright, detailed backgrounds. – Hot Games

Simply put, Final Fight One is the arcade game shrunk down to portable size. It offers nothing more or less than what you’d expect from such a transformation. – All Game Guide

It’s not an entirely deep game, but it’s very satisfying from start to finish. –  IGN 


Reviews For Xbox 360 Version

Critical Reception – 76 (Metascore) 


Streets of Rage 2 stands as one of the most well-crafted beat-’em-ups ever, and it still looks and sounds great and plays beautifully. – Gamespot

It’s got a decent length for a game of its time and it certainly worth playing more than once. The visuals are surprisingly vibrant. Most importantly, it’s fun. But the online portion of SOR2 is executed poorly. And, once again, Backbone Entertainment presents a classic SEGA title with absolutely no extras. – IGN

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