Where’s Sucker Punch at?

Sucker Punch has been absent from the gaming spotlight for some time now, and with my countdown clock to E3 going from days to merely hours, I’m at the edge of my seat for them to make an appearance. The inFamous and Arkham series were my two favorites franchises for as long as I can remember, and with development cycles averaging 3+ years (that explains their polish) we can expect them to come out of the shadows once again.

Sucker Punch’s most recent game, inFamous Second Son, was released in 2014 with the PS4 launch, so I’m frankly astounded we haven’t heard anything from them already. But should we expect another inFamous game? My moneys on yes. The only other IP they have is the Sly Cooper series, and as much as another one of those will hit people in the nostalgia guts, puzzle platforming hasn’t garnered the interest or the money that it had two generations ago. But the third-person shooter remains very much alive, maybe even more popular than ever. And the world of inFamous – a world populated with X-Menlike “conduits” whose powers stem from weaponizing urban materials like electricity, neon, and concrete – remains largely untapped.


The team has also showed their ability to keep the inFamous games adaptive and relevant, adding to the lead character’s main power from the first game (electricity) to a trio of powers (electricity, oil, and ice), not to mention a greater focus on melee action. In the third, not only did they scrap all the power of the former game for a new QUARTET of power (smoke, neon, video, and concrete) but they also started from scratch with a new protagonist entirely, seven years later and on a different American coast. This new game also focused on a movement based run-and-gun method, rather than the formers’ cover system. Sucker Punch has crafted a world with such a lack of tradition and predictability that they’ve eliminated the need to even create a new IP. That is, unless they don’t want their next game to take place on Earth at all. But if they want a shooter, a brawler, or a stealth game they can plug that right inside the inFamous world.


So yes, I’d say we should expect Sucker Punch to make an appearance, and expect them to announce an inFamous game. Will this game stay with protagonist Delsin Rowe (who can potentially possess an unlimited number of powers), return to the original protagonist Cole McGrath (who was hinted at being resurrected), or be with a whole new lead entirely, I don’t know. What power we should expect to see, I don’t know that either. But I do know that if they don’t keep up with inFamous, they will be receiving some strongly worded letters (plural) from me.

What do you guys (and gals) think? What powers, characters, or places do you want to see next? Or would you prefer a Sly game? Let me know in comments or tweet me @chadmwilson.