Most Immensely Satisfying Video Game Moments Of All Time

Playing video games is a pretty tough task and Dark Souls players will definitely agree with me on this one. Sometimes video games are so hard that simply Rage quit and some of the best examples of video games that make Rage Quit are Dark Souls, Battletoads, Super Mario Maker (User Levels). These were some of the examples that will definitely make you rage quit.

But sometimes there are some moments in video games that make you feel like God and today we are counting some of the most satisfying video game moments Of All time


The main objective of the game is that Tetris is to manipulate the Tetrominoes to ensure they fit together in a perfect formation with no gaps at all. Should ten units (parts of the Tetrominoes)


Once you do this in the game it feels really satisfying. The sound and seeing those blocks come down in perfect formation just makes me feels like I AM THE GOD of this game.


When I was 7 I was used to play Tekken 3 on my Original Playstation console even though I never played that game with my friends. What I always wanted to get is the cut scene after defeating every enemy.


While I used to enjoy to killing every character with a special move but what I really used to love is getting a perfect KO. There is just something really satisfying about getting a Perfect KO in almost any fighting game. The Flawless victory does make you feel like a god but it sure makes you feels that how just good you are at this game.  I hope that I get this type of feeling in Tekken 7

Officer Tenpenny Death

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of those games that shaped Gaming industry for good and introducing the open world so alive and beautiful that we never thought of. San Andreas to this day is still my favorite Grand Theft Auto game because of the story and the phenomenal characters. Talking about the phenomenal characters GTA SA also introduced us to one of the most frustrating antagonists of all time. Yes, I am talking about the Officer tenpenny.


From the very beginning of the game, he was the one that keeps bullying CJ for no reason and also his partner Officer Pulaski was also a complete dick and the good thing is that we got the chance to kill him to although he always wanted to fuck CJ’s Sister. Unfortunately, CJ did not get the chance to kill Tenpenny himself instead Tenpenny kills himself in the mission “End Of The Line”. The moment where he dies is just oddly satisfying seeing him suffer and also nobody was there to help him too and that scene made the moment so memorable and satisfying.

What do you think? What is your favorite moment? Let me know in the comments section down below… 

#Most Immensely Satisfying Video Game Moments Of All Time