The Most Unique Looking Watch You Should Get Right Now

A Few Days ago I reviewed a watch called “Nine Four Watches” and I was not impressed because of its bad and lazy design language but today I have the watch that I am really impressed with and that is Botta Design Uno 24.


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1986 was a formative year for Klaus Botta: for one thing, it was in 1986 that Klaus Botta established his own design agency. And for another, this was the year in which he designed and developed the UNO, the first one-hand wristwatch of the modern era. Since then, his agency has won no fewer than 60 national and international design awards.
Klaus Botta initially studied technical physics at the University of Bayreuth before embarking on a degree in product and industrial design at Offenbach University of Art and Design (HFG). While still at university, he completed internships at companies such as Adam Opel AG and Albrecht Graf von Goertz, the designer of the legendary BMW 507.

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UNO 24 Is one of the best-looking watches I have ever seen and when I opened up the box I fell in love with it immediately. The Design of the watch is very minimal but it takes minimalism to whole another level. I have seen many watches trying to make the design simple and minimalist but none of them have achieved what Botta has done.

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Botta Design single-handed watches come in two forms. All of them have one hand, but some display the time in a 24-hour format, and some in a 12-hour format. Botta Design Uno 24 watches indicate the time in a 24-hour format, meaning the hand goes around the dial one time each day.


One thing that I really care about is the Packaging and how beautiful the packaging was and I am one of those guys who really cares about packaging and documents that come with the product. The Box is durable and does not feel cheap at all It came in this cylindrical shape case made from aluminum.
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Just like the design the build quality of the watch is amazing too. The UNO 24 definitely feels very premium and case back is sandblasted and has with engravings of the model, water resistance, where it’s made and material of the case. The crown is small and simple. The crystal is Sapphire glass with the scratchproof anti-reflective coating.


There are many people that care about the watch build quality and if you own UNO 24 I am sure that you won’t be disappointed with it. The strap is genuine leather handmade in Germany. It is also anti-allergic.

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Diameter 40 mm
Height 7.5 mm
Weight 43 g
Movement Quartz; RONDA 515.24H Swiss-made, battery type 371
Date Yes
Case material stainless steel
Glass type Sapphire glass with scratch-resistant anti-reflective coating on both sides
Water resistance 3 ATM
Strap finest, vegetable tanned leather wrist strap | rubber strap
Special features 24-hours one-hand watch
Country of manufacture Germany
Warranty Two years, excluding wear parts and improper handling
Price from 398,00

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These are some of the reactions of the people who tried the watch (These are not fake I didn’t want to record a video because most people were comfortable on the camera so instead of that I wrote down their opinion on my Notes)

I really love the unique design and also the build is solid wish It was a little cheaper

The design is definitely something that i care about and this watch minimalist design makes it look more beautiful

Looks awesome but I am not the smartest person around and it would definitely take me a lot of time to tell the time… I prefer my phone

I am gonna tell you straight away that I Love this watch only thing bad about this is the price

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So it all comes to down to this… Would you buy this? or another watch from a big manufacturer at the same price? I will recommend you to get UNO 24 because it does not work like other watches. You don’t see every watch being completely handmade.

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UNO 24 is one of those watches that will make your watch collection more valuable I would definitely recommend someone who is looking for a unique watch with minimalist design language.


#The Most Unique Looking Watch You Should Get Right Now