Why PSVR Absolutely NEEDS an Amazing E3 Showing

As I sit here to write this article, I can not help but notice that my Playstation Virtual Reality Helmet has started to collect dust. To tell you the truth, I have not touched it for at least a month.

But why?

This is a device that can literally make you feel as though you have been transported to a murderous ride in an amusement park (Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.) It can take me to a relaxing beach where nature itself dances along to my own selection of music (Harmonix Music VR.) I even managed to survive a crazy house haunted by an evil family known as The Bakers (Resident Evil 7.) The problem with all this? I had all of these experiences months ago, and Sony has yet to offer a product that begs me to come back to VR, Farpoint aside. (the gun controller is amazing though)

I believe Sony needs to have a big PSVR presence at E3 2017 in order to rejuvenate all the momentum the unit has slowly started losing.

More Content

There has yet to be a truly meaningful huge release since Resident Evil 7 for the psvr. Sure, there have been plenty of indie games released, some of which were fun for a few minutes, but where are the AAA games that we all know this headset can support.


We were treated to Farpoint last month, but due to a pretty bland story, the only noteworthy aspect of the release was the aim controller shaped like a gun. While I admit the controller changes how you play games in a positive way, we still need more content from big developers. I am amazed every time I use my PSVR, and the main problem it has is the lack of games.

Price Drop

Okay, you dropped 299.99 on a new Playstation, and now you want to get in on the psvr action. First, pay 399.99 for a PSVR headset. Next, you have to pay 50 dollars for a camera. Don’t forget your “Move” controllers either, you need those for many games. Oh, you will also have to get all the games you want as well, many at the full 59.99 price.


It is worth noting that if you get lucky you may be able to find the PSVR bundle kit, which includes all of the above, with one game, for 499.99.

It can get pretty pricey purchasing all of these items, and it’s enough for a casual consumer to dismiss the idea altogether. Although sales have been stronger than many in the market thought they would be (they have sold over a million units,) one has to wonder if it will continue to sell at this price. If Sony can come up with a way to cut the prices of these items, it would be an amazing thing to announce at E3.

Better Tracking

While I will admit that this one is just wishful thinking, it would be really nice if Sony could figure out a way to improve the tracking of the entire unit. One of the most common complaints I see when browsing comments on PSVR related news stories, is how poorly the camera is able to track the user.

I can not even begin to tell you of all the times I was in the middle of doing an activity in Job Simulator, when out of nowhere a giant box pops up informing I am “out of the play area.” It is frustrating, especially when it still says it after moving back to your original position.

I do not know what the workaround could be for this though. Perhaps an additional camera for the other side of the room? There are already a lot of cords connected to unit, what’s one more?


While I am sure that Sony will once again “wow” us at E3 this year, I truly hope they do not forget about their virtual reality system. It is an awesome piece of technology that I would love to see get the content and love that it deserves.

Anything else that you wish Sony would announce for the PSVR at E3? Let us know in the comments section!