Don’t Even Expect Destiny 2 On Nintendo Switch Any Time Soon

Yesterday Bungie announced a lot about Destiny 2 revealing lot of information about the gameplay and PC version. Though a question was raised about the Destiny 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately Bungie is not planning anything for Nintendo new latest Switch console.


In talk with IGN, Project lead Mark Noseworthy stated that the developer isn’t working on a port and doesn’t think that the game would work on Switch. “I think it’s pretty unrealistic, given we’re an online-only game, right?” he said. “[The Switch is] incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it’s at, I don’t want to leave anyone with the possibility of, like, ‘It’s a thing we’ll consider, maybe next year.’ There’s no plans right now for Switch.”


Original Destiny was never released for PC which disappointed many fans but Destiny 2 will be released on PC which can run up to 144 FPS. You can see the some amazing looking 4K screenshots of Destiny 2 running on PC using NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti

#Don’t Even Expect Destiny 2 On Nintendo Switch Any Time Soon