Most Phenomenal Looking Upcoming Video Game For PC

Bungie revealed yesterday a lot of information about their new upcoming game Destiny 2. Features like Ultrawide (21:9 support), 4K support, uncapped frame rate, adjustable Field of View (FOV) slider and much more.

destiny 2

Bungie has partnered with NVIDIA to show the 4K Capabilities of GTX1080Ti and showcased Destiny 2 4K screenshots. The screenshot looks absolutely beautiful and shows how Bungie has paid attention to details in texture, clothing etc. We picked the best looking screenshots for you to look. ENJOY!

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Destiny 2 is not launching on PC as the same as for consoles on 8th september but instead it will release at a later date.

Original Destiny was never released for PC which disappointed lot of fans but now Destiny 2 is coming for PC there is a lot of hype surrounding how Destiny 2 will focus on PC in regards to DLC and specific graphical advancement.

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#Most Phenomenal Looking Upcoming Video Game For PC