Scalebound In Development Again According To Latest Leaks

Microsoft Canceled The Scalebound for Xbox One which was pretty sad news for Xbox Owners. Scalebound was shaping up to be one of the best games coming to Xbox One and with its unique settings and DMC like protagonist caught many game’s eye


The news comes from a website called “Web Justia” that is dedicated to offer all kind of Trademarks including their creation, cancellation and last movements. from October (cancellation date) until May movements there was nothing special. However this May The Scalebound brand has been active again

Microsoft has yet to confirm this officially but according to rumors we will see news from them pretty soon.

If this true then it would be one of the best comeback in video games history and would be awesome for Xbox brand as it has been crushed by PlayStation 4 in terms of Exclusives. recently.


Platinum games would not be involved in development and Microsoft will start the project from scratch which can be both bad and good for the game itself. However it would be great surprise if Microsoft shows some kind of teaser or trailer for the game at this year E3.

#Scalebound In Development Again According To Latest Leaks