This Is The Most Realistic Video Game You Will Ever Play

There is GTA V, but that lacks that vibe of reality. There is also Saints Row. A super exaggerated, over the top role – playing game. The sad thing about it is that the majority of the Gaming Community only appreciates AAA titles. If you think about it, there are other titles that can compete against major names. We got Escape from Tarkov, the counterpart of F.E.A.R. We also got Undertale, a game which stands out from the other RPGs.

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I also believed that there won’t be anything as close as real life. Not until I saw Identity. Identity is the closest we can get. It has potential. It has the elements of a great game. While in the early stages of development, you can see that it functions pretty well.

Identity is a life simulation game which means that you can be anything you want. You can be a police officer, a businessman, or some average guy. There is also PvP where you can test your skills against other citizens.  The devs also confirmed that you can get special items when you pre-order the game.  Prices range from $15-500.  These special items include apartments, cars, outfits, money and beta access.

The visuals are pretty good too. Judging from the trailer, Photorealism was used by the devs. I’m also surprised that Photorealism is a thing now. It is the crème de la crème of gaming, I believe. The more realistic graphics it has, the better.

From the gameplay trailer, you can say that it has 3rd person and 1st person modes. There is also one part where you can move your furniture in the house or paint a picture. Take that, Rockstar.

The only thing you have got to worry about is if it can run in your computer.  Will it handle the game without frying your graphics card?

You can pre-order the game here.

Source – LunaWolf

#This Is The Most Realistic Video Game You Will Ever Play