Most Incredibly Unique Weapons In Video Games

Video games are able to bend and break the rules of physics, so developers can create weapons capable of much greater, more exciting things.

Shark-O-Matic – Saints Row 3

n a game that features sky-diving tanks, gimp chases and Mayor Burt Reynolds, you’d be forgiven for not expecting a number of absurd weapons to show up. Whether you prefer to upgrade your bullets to set your foes on fire, or rather the melee approach with the appropriately named ‘Penetrator’ – aka the big, purple dildo – there was one weapon, introduced in DLC, that took the prize for most creative.


The Shark-O-Matic confirms some of the myths you hear NPCs muttering around the streets about the existence of a giant, man-eating shark living in the sewers. This shotgun, packed full of fish guts, sprays out the rotting entrails on to your enemies. While they are distracted, wiping the blood off their clothes, or running around in panic, the streets of Steelport start to rumble and shake. Soon enough, a massive great white shark bursts out of the concrete streets (or water, if your chosen victim is swimming) to devour the enemy whole.

Sadly, the Shark-O-Matic is useless against large enemies like Brutes, and while the shark is capable of headbutting through 10-feet of concrete and tarmac, it can’t apparently handle boats or planes. Still, if ever there was a single gun that personified the Saints Row series, this is it.

GLOO Cannon – Prey

The latest creative gun to not only obliterate our enemies with but also solve complex spatial puzzles will be joining us in May 2017 with the release of Prey – Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s upcoming first-person shooter which sees us trapped aboard a damaged space station overrun with shadowy, shape-shifting aliens.

As the name suggests, the GLOO cannon fires quick-hardening glue in huge, bulbous clumps. While not lethal on its own, the glue is one of the best methods of getting those pesky aliens under control – some are beasty, strong and aggressive, while the mimics can appear as almost any mundane item to take you by surprise – from a fire extinguisher to a toilet roll.


Whatever the enemy, pinning them in place with the fast-drying glue is the best way to get the fight under control before switching to a more traditionally, ballistic weapon.

The glue is also conductive, meaning it can be used to quickly fix broken circuits. It is also a great way of putting out pesky gas fires blocking your path. However, the most innovative use is its ability to quick-fire build pathways to otherwise inaccessible areas. Whether you’re laying down a bridge between a gap to wide to jump, or building your own gluey staircase to an unreachable platform, the GLOO cannon is going to be not only your primary source of defense, but will allow you the opportunity to examine rooms and puzzles in new and interesting ways.

Gravity Gun – Half-Life 2

Another icon of the video game gun collection, another masterpiece of the damned Aperture Science organisation of Half-Life and Portal fame, and another weapon designed primarily for puzzle solving.


As the name implies, the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 was built to manipulate objects by either projecting them in front of you with a pulse, or holding them in mid-air so you can move even the heaviest objects around with ease. The gun’s original design as a mine clearer could therefore be used to create cover, scale high objects to otherwise unreachable locations, or – and we all did this – launch saw blades and barrels of combustible fuel at the invading enemies. The beauty of the Gravity Gun is not only its ability open up new options of exploration, but to turn almost everything into a lethal weapon by projecting it with enough force.

The Gravity Gun was an icon at the time of it’s conception and went on to inspire similar weapon-types in other video games, including TimeSplitters 3’s Temporal Uplink, Doom 3’s Grabber, and the Telekinesis plasmid from Bioshock.

Portal Gun – Portal

Arguably the most beloved gun of all time, and we’ve never once killed anyone with it. The gun from Portal 1 and 2 – or, to give it it’s full title, The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device – is the primary device Chell uses to navigate the various Test Chambers she is tasked against while trying to overcome the deranged GLaDOS Artificial Intelligence that has killed all over Aperture employees.



Through it’s unique mechanic of creating a connecting doorway between two different spatial points, no matter their location or orientation, Portal and it’s iconic gun introduced to a new type of puzzle game – one where we didn’t have to shoot enemies, push boxes or flip switches, but break our minds by turning physics on its head.

Whether you’re creating portals so that security turrets will shoot themselves, or gathering speed by creating an endless loop to fall through, each Test Room of Portal and it’s sequel presented a new and unique challenge, meaning not only was the gun fun to use, but it never got boring.

Source – Whatculture

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