Why You Should Avoid Pre-Ordering Video Games

“Pre-order!” says the new trailer or magazine ad for a game that doesn’t come out for another six to twelve months. “Pre-order!” says the guy on stage at E3 after having just announced a game thirty seconds ago. Here’s the thing, we as a collective, goopy, fleshy pile of gamers need to stop buying into the hype, stop being led by snake oil salesmen peddling nostalgia and happiness, and stop pre-ordering games before launch. Here’s why.

Wasting Money

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It’s exciting to get a game the day it comes out, but that comes with a price. A price that, in most cases, is fleeting. Especially in AAA space, waiting even a week or two can mean the difference between paying $60 up front, or somewhere around $40 or even $30. If the game is good enough, people will still be talking about it. Otherwise, maybe you’re better off not bothering anyway.

Buying Something That you don’t even know about


Pre-ordering a game means you’re locked in to dropping a wad of cash on something you really have no idea about. Especially with new IPs. Watch_Dogs was one of the most pre-ordered new IPs ever, and it turned out to be a dud. Video game publishers are not your friend – they’re salespeople. Why do you think reviews are so often held at bay until release day? Buyer’s remorse doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t get a full refund on a bad game you bought new.


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Not only are day one patches more and more frequent, but games just don’t launch without serious problems anymore. Nine times out of ten, your brand-new game will suffer from one or more game-breaking glitches for days, weeks or even months after the release date. Jump off the hype train and wait to see how many people fall off the tracks first.

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#Why You Should Avoid Pre-Ordering Video Games