Massively Popular Video Games That Were Total Ripoffs

There are some beloved games that weren’t so much “inspired by” other games as they were “the exact game, with a minor paint job.” Those knockoffs then went on to make millions of dollars.

Guitar Hero


When Guitar Hero came along in 2005, it finally allowed the average joe to pretend to be a rock star without the talent or the practice or the “leaving your room once in a while” that are usually required for the job. All they had to do was pick up the guitar-shaped controller, strum the bar in the middle and hit the plastic keys when the game commanded them to. It’s pretty simple, and that’s why the game became so popular. Why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?


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Atari’s Pong is considered the granddaddy of all video games, the one that gave birth to the entire gaming industry and therefore the reason many of us will die overweight and sore-thumbed. The game consisted of two bars hitting a pixel back and forth across a line, like a match of ping pong — people went absolutely apeshit over that crap in the ’70s, turning Atari into one of the most successful tech companies of all time.


Zynga is the company that created some of the most addictive social games on Facebook, although we’re using the word “created” extremely loosely here. To discuss every instance in which Zynga has apparently ripped off a smaller company would take five full articles, so instead of going into detail about how Zynga’s Dream Heights was a knockoff of Nimblebit’s Tiny Tower, Zynga Bingo was a knockoff of Buffalo Studios’ Bingo Blitz, Zynga’s Cafe World was a knockoff of Playfish’s Restaurant City or Zynga’s Mafia Wars was a knockoff of Psycho Monkey’s Mob Wars, we’ll just focus on their most famous clone: FarmVille.


In FarmVille, you water crops, harvest trees and raise livestock — you know, all that tedious crap you’d have to do if you lived on a farm, somehow made tolerable by virtue of being rendered in cartoony graphics. Soon after being released in June 2009, it became a huge hit for Zynga — even though they completely ripped it off from an already existing game by a smaller company.

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#Massively Popular Video Games That Were Total Ripoff