Video Game With Worst Voice Acting Of All Time

Voice acting so horrendously misguided that it has become infamous, as well as hilarious, as a result.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil. It’s an obvious choice, but it is so for good reason. Everything about the voice acting in the original Resident Evil is just wrong in all the right ways. The writing is atrocious, the cast’s delivery is awkward, the voices barely fit the characters, the emotions in the voices constantly feel wrong in the context of the game’s scenes… and yet somehow it all combined to produce some of the funniest examples of video game voice acting ever recorded.


Most gamers, even those who don’t particularly enjoy Resident Evil games, know about “Jill sandwich” or “master of unlocking”, and just about every single recorded line in the game is equally off in both delivery and writing. It’s like it was written by someone who knew English in theory, but who had no idea how it was actually spoken. To be fair sometimes it felt like the actors had a similarly vague grasp of English as well.

Deep Fear

Deep Fear was Sega’s attempt at creating a survival horror franchise that could rival Resident Evil, and to a certain extent it’s actually a very competent stab at the genre even if it’s not quite on par with Capcom’s franchise. It does, however, completely eclipse Resident Evil in the terrible writing and voice acting department, and considering quality of writing in the first Resident Evil that’s a pretty notable accomplishment.


Terrible voice acting is often a combination of several different things going wrong at once, and this game is a prime example of that. It feels like every single line of dialogue is awful in its own unique way. The writing is often nonsensical and the acting is hilariously uneven, going from campy to bland within the span of a single sentence. The takes are also filled with mistakes and weird stumbles that apparently were still the best (or the only) ones recorded.

Last Alert

This is a top-down shooter released on the TurboGrafx-16 CD in 1990. I really can’t say whether the game was any good or not for its time, but it seems harmless enough. However, the voice acting is anything but harmless. Last Alert features some of the most amazingly atrocious voice acting in video game list


Last Alert was localized rather hastily in order to give people something to actually play on the TurboGrafx’s CD add-on, and it certainly shows. The actors sound like they were picked based on who happened to be passing by the office at the time, so as to get the game onto store shelves as quickly as possible. This results in every character sounding completely uninterested in the events unfolding around them.

Link: The Faces of Evil

Here’s another one that many of you are probably already familiar with. The Zelda games on the Philips CD-I are infamous for their poor quality in just about every respect and the voice acting is no exception.


The voice acting in The Faces of Evil is filled with weird decisions and baffling mistakes. The writing is also once again horrible, sounding like something from a cheap fan film or bad piece of fan fiction. The voice actors constantly put emphasis in the wrong places and in general just sound fake and unbelievable.

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