Most Anticipated Video Game Sequels That Never Happened

We all play Video Games for their amazing story and the characters and always look forward to a conclusion in the end and some developers like to expand more into sequels by which they can explore more new characters and can improve the game overall but some developers only teased us video game sequels that never happened

Half Life 2: Episode 2


We might as well get the big one out of the way. Half-Life 2: Episode 2 saw the resistance creating a rocket that ultimately closed the Combine portal, thus limiting the aliens from calling reinforcements. As Gordon and Alyx are setting out for the Borealis, two Advisors suddenly arrive and kill Eli Vance. Though our heroes are ultimately saved by D0g, the episode ends with a cliff-hanger. All these years and some artwork teasing the Borealis but still no Episode 3, forget Half-Life 3.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force


Hey, remember this universally reviled Metroid Prime game? The ending saw Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters infiltrate the Galactic Federation’s base to hatch the Metroid egg. And before you say this isn’t a tease for Metroid Prime 4, producer Kensuke Tanabe outright said that he wanted the plot to lead to more Metroid Prime titles with a focus on Sylux and Samus. Federation Force is pretty recent but considering the last “real” Metroid Prime title was in 2007, we’re not holding out hope for a sequel.

Mirror’s Edge (2007)


It’s nice that DICE decided to reboot Mirror’s Edge and give Faith an in-depth origins/coming of age story (though the overall plot is absolutely idiotic near the end). However, it was sad to see the original Mirror’s Edge end the way it did. Essentially, Faith destroys the servers controlling surveillance throughout the city. Kate is saved, Project Icarus is still around and the two sisters go into hiding. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You’d think that would be the perfect set-up for a sequel but cue the reboot instead.

Killzone 3


This damn ending. It’s ridiculous enough that Sev and his friends would just detonate a nuke and kill everyone on the damn planet. Or how Stahl is implied to be alive at the end. Where does the story go from there? Why, nowhere. Actually, we get Killzone Shadow Fall but that’s a brand new tale. The ending to Killzone 3 was intentionally made this way to have a clean slate. With the success of Horizon: Zero Dawn, don’t count on Guerrilla continuing the original Killzone story anytime soon.

Alan Wake


Forget that you have to pick up The Signal and The Writer DLCs to actually know what’s going on with Alan Wake. The story in the DLCs blatantly ends with Wake beginning a new story called “Return”. Remedy has also teased “Alan Wake Returns” in their latest title Quantum Break but it doesn’t look like Wake will be emerging anytime soon.

Source – Gamingbolt

#Most Anticipated Video Game Sequels That Never Happened