Best Overwatch Characters You Should Definitely Play

What makes a successful Overwatch character? These are the best Overwatch Characters


Backstory: Symmetra has possibly the wackiest concept in the game. She’s a combat architect. Just let that sink in for a moment, and really think about how absurd that sounds. Sure, we’ve had plenty of characters that build things before, but an architect that manipulates tangible light to create legitimate structures, more often that not used in battle, is pretty out there. 9/10


Abilities: Symmetra isn’t perfect, perhaps because she’s not quite as useful on attack as she is on defense, but she’s incredibly useful. She can put down turrets that damage enemies over time with lasers, and when placed correctly can take down pretty much anyone. She’s got a shield that travels forwards, providing mobile cover, and two entirely different types of weapon fire. She’s also got two ults, allowing you to choose between a teleporter and a shield generator, which you’ll easily get use out of. 9/10

Design: Symmetra’s gear might not be entirely practical, but then again, she’s hardly leading the vanguard in to battle. A mix of blue, gold and white all come together for a great looking standard skin, and the robotic arm is the icing on the proverbial cake. Her other skins offer a nice variety, even if her event skins could do with a little more love. 7/10

Score: 8.5/10


Backstory: Mercy has a deceptively simple character concept. She’s a doctor. She obviously has experience being a field medic, or she wouldn’t be qualified to take part in battle, but she’s not some wacky, over the top character like many other medics in gaming.

She might be very technologically advanced, but she’s not a mad scientist, or some type of shaman, she’s just a doctor. She often makes mention to the fact too, through her voice lines. Blizzard have done a great job taking such an every day concept and working it in to the game in such spectacular fashion. 8/10


Abilities: You never feel disconnected from the match when playing Mercy. She can easily dart around via use of her angelic wings, and she can both heal and buff allies with her primary weapon. She’s also got what many would consider the most impactful ult in the game, being able to instantly revive dead teammates. Whether you’re reviving one, or five allies, your ult never feels wasted, and charges up again fairly quickly. 9/10

Design: Mercy delivers when it comes to her skins too. Her standard legendaries aren’t to my personal taste, but they’re still well designed, and her witch skin very well may be one of, if not the nicest skins in game. 8/10

Score: 8.5/10


Backstory: Junkrat is one of the more colourful characters in Overwatch when it comes to personality alone, which is fairly ironic with his design palette consisting of washed out browns and greys. He’s an eccentric explosives expert with a penchant for complete mayhem and total destruction. He overacts in every situation, and provides some much needed (albeit dark) comic relief, from time to time. 9/10

Abilities: If it’s not loud and highly dangerous, Junkrat probably isn’t interested. Even the most discrete part of his arsenal is an almost comical bear-trap. He uses what’s effectively a grenade launcher for his standard fire, because of course he does, and can also leave remote mines anywhere he chooses.


More often that not, you’ll find yourself simply throwing one of these at an enemy and setting it off in mid-air. His ult suits his character perfectly, as he takes the gnarly looking tire off his back, and drives it in to a crowd of unsuspecting enemies, laying waste to the lot of them. He’s just an absolute joy to play. 9/10

Design: Junkrat is fairly unpleasant to look at, but for all of the right reasons. He uses a mix of colours that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Dark Souls game, and clothing that looks as if it’s straight out of Fallout. His hair is also on fire, so there’s that too. Whilst not having much in the way of event skins, his standard legendaries fit him well, and have just the right balance of creepy and cool. 8/10

Score: 8.5/10


Backstory: Lúcio is a solid mix between Daft Punk and Jet Set Radio. He’s a cool as ice, rollerskating DJ with music so powerful that it can literally move you. He’s also a major celebrity in-game, and this is occasionally played upon for some fantastic character interaction. The music that he plays whilst fighting can even give a legitimate real world morale boost to your team. In a game full of bright, unique characters, Lúcio arguably tops the list. 10/10

Abilities: Lúcio can switch between two (legitimately well composed) tunes on the fly, one that heals nearby allies, and one that speeds them up. He can easily lead a group of players back in to the fight from the spawn far quicker than they could have on their own. He can also temporarily increase the effects of either song with “Amp It Up”. A sound-wave can be launched from his gun, knocking enemies back with more efficiency than the majority of Roadhog ults.


Lúcio’s ult provides a huge health shields, whilst still providing the standard effects of his songs. 9/10

Design: Lúcio’s standard design is as close to perfection as you can get, with bright, vibrant colours that nod to his country of origin, whilst also looking both practical and stylish in battle. His other skins let him down however. They’re not bad, by any means, they’re just a little unimaginative. It would be great to see Lúcio get a few more event skins. 8/10

Score: 9/10


Backstory: D.Va has one of the most interesting character concepts in the entire game, perhaps second only to Lucio. She’s a gamer, a professional Starcraft player, to be specific, and an actress. She’s also got a South Korean military provided mech suit, because why not? 10/10

Abilities: As a tank, D.Va succeeds on virtually every level. She’s huge, and very much a target for enemies, she can absorb incoming damage to protect her team, and she’s incredibly mobile, using boosters to jet around the map, and also use her sheer size to physically bully opposing players, often being able to knock them off the map or just kill them entirely.


Her ult is spectacular, to say the least. She launches her mech forward, leaving it in the process as it explodes and completely eradicates everything within sight.

If that wasn’t enough, D.Va is still fully playable when out of her mech, being able to run around and fight with surprisingly powerful gun. The mix of powerful tanking abilities and nimble yet powerful out of mech gameplay are a stellar combination. 10/10

Design: D.Va looks great. You’d think a giant pink exo suit would be a tad gaudy, but it genuinely works. Out of mech, her bodysuit sports a lovely colour palette, logos and brand sponsors (including Blizzard themselves) as real world pro-gamers would across their gear. All of he re-colours are genuinely nice, and her legendary and event skins significantly change the look of her mech up. 10/10

Score: 10/10

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