The Most Luxurious Toothbrush You Should Get Right Now

Today we have something completely different from what we do!

Today we are going to tell you about the Most luxurious toothbrush you can get right now. Yes, a Luxurious toothbrush

Bruzzoni Has created in my opinion the most beautiful Electric Toothbrush. The main focus here is the design the aesthetics and the how to use that design to convert into productive use.

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The Bruzzoni Wall Street Art Collection is not for everyone it’s not your usual Toothbrush you use everyday it is for those people who really care about Design and aesthetic and also how their Bathrooms interior looks. The Build quality is absoultey amazing the material used in making does not feel cheap and combining with a phenomenal design it looks gorgeos.

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The device features metallic accents, which give them a sleek and modern design. The body of the toothbrush is made from rubber, which tapers into slender neck with circular bristles at the end. A single multi-colour LED is built into the body of the device to provide a discrete on/off switch and to indicate battery levels

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Personally for me the Bruzzoni Wall Street fits perfectly into my Bathroom interior with minimal and clean setup.

You already seen the beautiful minimalist design in the images above. Now let’s talk about the use how it operates and how it actually feels to use.

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The Toothbrush is electric and uses a charging dock to power up itself as the design was the main focus here the Dock is also designed to fit in with the Brush aesthetics. After Using it for more than 2 Week I will certainly say it was amazing experience yes, i know its sounds crazy to say that brushing your teeths a special experience but after using Bruzzoni Toothbrush i will say that and if you buy it and use for yourself i can certainly say you will not be disappointed.

The Brush cleans your teeth without a problem the bresels are very soft and the movement is very great it does not feel like other electric brush where they are really pushing hard to clean your teeths. I know I am telling you about a Toothbrush performance and honestly nobody on the internet can tell you how it feels for the real experience you have to use it for yourself.


One More thing that people really don’t care about is the Unboxing and I gotta say it was better than an iPhone box and the color and the quality of the box is just outstanding.

Bruzzoni Global’s first range of electric toothbrushes, the Wall Street Collection, comes in black or white versions, with rose gold or silver-coloured metallic accents.

Screenshot 2017-04-13 at 12.53.47 PM.png

There was not much to say about the performance but I will highly recommend checking out the Bruzzoni Wall Street Collection because I can only tell you guys about Design and how it felt to me but like i said before for full experience you have to use it personally

Screenshot 2017-04-13 at 12.54.47 PM.png

The Wall Street Collection costs $149 it may seem a little bit overpriced for a toothbrush to some people but after getting and using it for more than 2 weeks I will say it is worth every penny.

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Note – Review Unit was sent by Bruzzoni (Bruzzoni Did not paid us for positive review)

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