Best Lego Video Games Ever Made

From voice acting, to Lego Dimensions integrating real Lego pieces into the game through scanning technology, these games have been some of the most diverse and experimental out there. Just look at Lego Worlds, which has brought the real-world creative aspects of Lego to a digital format, in what amounts to the most comprehensive Lego set out there.

LEGO Batman: The Video Game

Lego Batman was one of the first games to adopt the Lego style, and for the most part, it did so exceptionally well. Adapting that campy side of Batman from the Adam West era, they managed to merge it perfectly with the stylised world of the Lego in a surprisingly successful way. Not only that, it was one of the first Lego games to not adapt a specific storyline, instead focusing on the characters and doing so rather well.


That said, the main reason this one ranks up there with the best is the surprising amount of extra content you can discover. At the beginning, you are presented with three separate storylines dealing with a group of classic Batman enemies, and the opportunity to explore the Bat-Cave.

Brilliantly if you explore and find a way to get to Arkham Asylum, you can playing as the bad guys, doing the same missions that you played as Batman, but before he arrives. Essentially doubling the content in such a unique and entertaining way, it gives a significant edge and places this at number six.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Harry Potter has never been short of games, but it has often been short of quality ones. They either fall into the line of the first Harry Potter game detailing his first year or land in the realm of the Kinect game. But Harry Potter: Years 1-4 do a stellar job of letting you live through the first four years of Hogwarts in a charming and endearing way.


The spells and magic lend themselves well to the style of gameplay Lego games are known for and the branching castle of Hogwarts is a genuine joy to explore. Full fledged with all the hidden areas that only true Harry Potter fans know, the castle is one of the best aspects of the game and exploring it just draws you into the world almost as well as the books do.

However, the game does lose brownie points for splitting the games into two segments as is the tradition with most forms of media these days. The game doesn’t feel incomplete, but it feels cheap having two games with largely the same pieces of content. But even in saying that, it’s more a slight against the second than the first.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Everyone remembers the pure and utter joy of watching the Avengers and seeing the brilliance of a shared universe pay off. Lego Marvel Superheroes takes that and takes it to a whole new level. Being the closest thing to a shared universe featuring all of Marvel’s properties, the game is the Avengers, but with the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and a whole host of other minor characters (Captain Britain is obviously the best addition!)

The game has so many characters and brings them all to life as if they were ripped straight from the comic books, combining them in a story that was exceptionally well presented. It was a childhood dream to see the Avengers Assemble, so seeing everyone else in the Marvel Universe together, even if it isn’t in a movie, is exceptional to experience.


Not to mention that the gameplay works well with so many characters meaning that there are dozens of unique mechanics and little puzzles to solve, making it one of the most varied games in the series.

And on top of that, it proves that the Lego format was the best way to bring a lot of the more eclectic characters in the Marvel Universe to life. We all saw what happened when they tried to make Galactus more imposing instead of bright pink!

LEGO Lord Of The Rings

One of the few games that managed to capture the scope and brilliance of the Lord of the Rings universe, and quite possibly one of the best games set in Middle-Earth, Lego Lord of the Rings brought the movie to life.

Playing as your favourite characters as you traipsed across and open world middle-earth was excellent and somehow the gameplay added a unique enough spin to turn the game into an open world RPG as you completed quests alongside the main storyline. The quests weren’t immense stories, but they made the game that bit more memorable.


Add to that the addition of voice clips ripped straight from the movie and edited in such a way that made seemingly harmless lines from the fantasy epic, into genuinely hilarious lines.

Where other lego games wallowed in the same formula, Lord of the Rings changed it enough to make it excellent on its own, whilst still capturing the brilliant epicness of the movies and books. That and you get to toss Gimli… what more do you want?

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

It couldn’t be any other. The game that captured the majesty of the Star Wars universe in one of the best Star Wars games to date. Forget ‘Force Unleashed’ and ‘Jedi Acadamy’, Lego Star Wars managed to bring the events of the movie to life in an incredibly cathartic and childhood fulfilling way.


Being the game that largely set the groundwork in terms of gameplay mechanics for the games to follow, there are certain flaws in aspects of the game-play resulting in clumsy execution. But that is the only criticism the game can really be put under.

Reliving the Star Wars movies was immensely enjoyable -yes, even the prequels… yada, yada, George Lucas ruined the world- and captured the essence of the world. It was the game that started it all and right from the get-go, it got a lot of it right. And is the perfect candidate for the top spot.

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