Top 3 Hardest Boss Fights In Entire Fallout Franchise

Fallout is simply teeming with baddies that want to kill you. Who are the toughest hombres though? Who are the bosses that take nearly everything (and the kitchen sink) to take down?

Enraged Fog Crawler – Fallout 4 Far Harbor


Where do we start? First off, you can’t control the Enraged Fog Crawler with the Wasteland Whisperer perk so forget about that. Damage resistance is through the roof (about 4000) and it possesses immunity to radiation and poison, further limiting your options. Oh and it also has 2200 HP, scales with player level and has 115 HP/second of regeneration. Energy weapons are the way to go so buy plenty of cells beforehand

Legendary Bloatfly – Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues

Even though it pales in comparison to the next New Vegas fiend, the Legendary Bloatfly is still no slouch for the Courier. Found in a mysterious cave at Big MT in Old World Blues, the Legendary Bloatfly’s plasma projectiles are highly damaging.


Along with the ability to Frenzy when crippled, it deals 450 melee damage and has 2000 health. It would normally be considered the toughest foe in the game if not for…

Liberty Prime – Fallout 4

Liberty Prime is the enormous robot under the Brotherhood of Steel’s command. It’s not a bad guy per say but if you fight the Brotherhood, activate Liberty Prime and then attack it, you’re in for a bad time.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Seriously, it has 5 million HP and 9 points in every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat. Don’t be fooled by its 100 melee damage either- Liberty Prime can shoot lasers and weapon bombs that deal 1000 and 200 damage respectively. It also has the Bloody Mess perk for 5 percent more damage because why not?

Source – GamingBolt

#Top 3 Hardest Boss Fights In Entire Fallout Franchise