Biggest Video Game Myths People Still Believe

Like, at all. We’re here to sort through all the myths about them new-fangled vidja games and clear the air — what are the biggest misconceptions about video games?

Consoles are over

There’s a console for every day of the week, it seems. And yet, as we all know, PCs are better than everything else and the consoles are slowly dying out. Didn’t the XBox lose a ton of money for Microsoft or something? Consoles are assuredly selling less than ever!


Err, about that. Console sales are actually pretty high right now. Despite how almost every single gamer wishes you could play Uncharted, Halo, and Mario on the same system, as long as these sales keep up, that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. Sorry about that, PC people. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are here to stay, unless one pulls a Sega and forgets how to do anything right. There’s always that possibility.

Gamers are basically all guys

All right, picture a video game competition. Or a video game store. Or anyone playing a video game. Odds are, you pictured a dude, some dudes, and maybe a dude. Because, as everyone knows, dainty little girls aren’t actually playing those nerdy video games, right?


Well, look everyone — despite this world increasingly seeming more like fiction, it isn’t actually a bad ’80s sitcom. Despite what you might think, gamers aren’t overwhelmingly boys. In fact, it’s not even close. Adult women make up a larger percentage of video game players than even teenage boys. Yeah, that means that if The Wizard was remade nowadays, it’d be done as a sequel to Bad Moms and … now all we want is to see that.

Video Can Be Made Easily

Video games are, like, numbers right? 011011. There. We just made a video game. Donezo. This is simple! Our dreams of being a videogame designer are within our grasp!

Yeah, not really. See, despite there being this idea of video games being simple things you can make in your garage with a bunch of friends, games are actually super huge, and super-complex, things. It requires designers, artists, voice artists, more designers, programmers, QA testers … did you fall asleep yet? There’s so much work put into creating video games, and that’s just the actual making of them. We’re not even going to start talking about marketing video games, because then we’d need to talk about all the bad video game commercials and that seems like a different article, doesn’t it?


Anyway, while there are — of course — some exceptions to this rule, it’s the same as in Hollywood. Occasionally you’ll get a cheapo indie that’s really great, but in general, if you want your game to be good, you’re going to need to spend at least a couple million. If that. Some games cost hundreds of millions of dollars, just to produce! The days of spending peanuts to make your own Pong are long over, kids.

Making Video Games Are Fun

So … you do need money, and you definitely need a degree, and you’re going to be working with a bunch of other people but at least you’re all having fun, right? It’s still making a passion project, albeit one that has millions of bucks behind it.


Hmm, sorry, not so much. See, one of the big things with projects that have millions of dollars attached to them is that they’re not fun, not at all. Even if you’re making the next Mario game and the little guy’s yip-yop-yaHOO’ing all over the place. Video game creators work awful hours, burning themselves ragged. Fourteen-hour days, for six days a week, doing literally nothing else, all to meet a yearly release deadline that was instituted without your involvement, and which makes absolutely no sense because how are you supposed to make a good video game in that time and also sleep? But of course, the answer is you can’t, and also you’re not getting paid well, and also God laughs at you nightly. Designers drop body weight, destroy their lives, and barely even get paid for it!

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#Biggest Video Game Myths People Still Believe