Most Frustrating PlayStation Trophies Of All Time

Some trophies will forever go down as being abysmal pieces of hair-pulling nonsense that don’t test the player on any measure of skill, but on sheer tenacity, asking them weather a never-ending storm of frustrating requirements.

Dedication – Crysis 2

Admittedly, Crysis 2 was rather clever when it designed this trophy, requiring the player to play the online multiplayer six months after the first time you played it, thus giving gamers a reason to hang onto a copy for at least that substantial time window.

Clever, right? But still infuriatingly annoying!

Having to wait six months just to get a bronze trophy is absurd, and considering how it’s an online trophy, there are no ways to cheat the clock. You have to have kept the game installed and then play it six months later.


It may seem small, but restricting a trophy through time-constraints is cheap and infuriating. Forgetting to log back in and play the game again, or accidentally uninstalling the data and losing your progress only adds to the frustration. Not to mention the fact that the trophy is quite glitched, often resulting in a second stint of six months to be necessary

Fighter, Warrior & Hero – Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within

Another trifecta of annoying trophies that on face value, are pretty standard and fairly easy to get. They require the player to complete the game on easy, medium and hard mode respectively. “But that’s probably one of the most bog standard trophies out there”, I hear you say. Yes, but the trophies don’t stack like pretty much every other PlayStation game.

That means that if you complete the game on hard mode, you only get the ‘Hero’ trophy. You have to go back and play the game on the two lower difficulties – despite having proved yourself to be capable of the challenge – just to get the others. Naturally this means you have to play the game a minimum of three times, just to get the basic difficulty trophies.


It’s an industry standard to have stackable difficulty trophies, but more and more games are breaking that trend. And it is damned infuriating. Having to complete easy mode despite having already done hard mode feels like a cheap way to inflate game time.

Abstergo Employee Of The Month – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Assassin’s Creed is infamous for its online trophies being absurdly difficult and annoying. ‘Download Complete’ would be the obvious choice for an annoying trophy, considering how it asks you to reach max level in the online, but the one that takes its place is even more ridiculous.


‘Abstergo Employee of the Month’ requires the player to get every single bonus in Multiplayer at least once. Doesn’t sound too difficult, but considering the fact there are thirty-seven of them, it becomes a lot harder. That’s not mentioning the fact that you must be at least level 29, and the fact that there is no in-game way of tracking the bonuses, meaning you have no way to know if you have previously gotten one.

But the most absurdly annoying thing is the general difficulty of some of these bonuses – like Mid-Air, which asks you to get a kill with the hidden gun while in mid-air. And you have to do all this in the random environment of the online, where you have to wait for the right moment instead of being able to tailor the situation to your needs, like in single player

My Kung Fu Is Stronger – Mortal Kombat

This is a sadistic joke on the part of the game developers and is simply there to annoy the player, plain and simple. It doesn’t challenge, require skill or any degree of ability, it just requires the player to sit there, hitting their head against the gaming version of a brick wall for a minimum – I stress, a minimum – of six hundred and seventy-two hours.

That’s twenty-eight days straight… Need more be said?

618072.jpg‘My Kung Fu is Stronger’ requires the player to get the following: One hundred victories, one hundred fatalities, one hundred and fifth X-ray attacks, spill ten thousand litres of blood and play for twenty-four hours. Oh, and do all of this for all twenty-eight characters, resulting in numbers and time sinks that are almost beyond human recognition.

There really isn’t much to be said about how tedious, annoying and how simply frustrating this trophy really is. The numbers speak for themselves and are a testament to just how brutally infuriating and nigh-on impossible the trophy is to get. The micro-management and time requirements could function as a second job to anyone who needs it.

Source – Whatculture

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