Most Brutal And Violent Deaths In Video Games

We all love a good brutal kill now and then, and when a character dies in a horrific way, many of us just have to stop and say, “that’s gotta hurt”

Mortal Kombat


All gamers are familiar with the intensity of fatalities that appear on Mortal Kombat. They are quite brutal, from ripping a spine out to eating the opponent’s heads; the deaths will make you squeamish.


Players in MadWorld can impale their enemies on road signs, fry them on electrical sockets and rip out their hearts.

The Punisher


The Punisher goes to town with the people that he interrogates. The torture sequences are quite brutal as the Punisher uses a laser to cut an enemy in half not to mention sharks, electrocution, chainsaws, and fireplaces and a lot more to deliver a ruthless death to enemies

Dead Rising

Zombies can die many horrible deaths in this game, as the player uses everything from swords, CDs, bowling balls, to hockey sticks and potted plants to deliver death.


Doom had everything blood, gore, shotguns, pistols and a Gatling gun. But there was a distinct weapon that caused a lot of brutal deaths and that was the chainsaw. Using the chainsaw on an enemy is quite brutal as blood flies everywhere and they scream in agony.

God of War 3

I think every gamer is familiar as to how many poor souls had a brutal death in the hands of Kratos. One such example is Kratos grabbing Helios’s head, and pulling it fiercely till it rips off.

Manhunt 2


Developers always manage to create more brutal ways to kill someone in a game. Manhunt 2 almost reaches that level where you might want to throw up after you execute someone, as you set them on fire and strangle them with wire. You can use hammers, chainsaws, and guns as well.

Source – Gamingbolt

#Most Brutal And Violent Deaths In Video Games