Video Games That Left Us Defenseless With No Weapons

What Could be the worst thing you can do in Video Games ? In my opinion it’s the tools and the weapons without them we can’t even touch the enemy without dying of course and these are the game that left us Defenseless.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

How often have you been tossed into a dungeon and had to stealthily make your way out?

Sometimes barrels are your best friends to hide your sneaky ways (and fortunately moblins just don’t have a clue either) and other times it’s hedges upon which you can transform into a work of art and slink around.

legend of zelda

Of course, in Majora’s Mask, the greatest instance of adding insult to injury was at the very start: taking away your only friend Epona (because it was not sad enough to lose Navi) by scaring your steed away but then to transform Link into a Deku Scrub as well. A Deku Scrub! Those hilarious plant things you used to hit their own projectile seeds back into their faces on a parry and then laughed when they squawked out of hiding! We knew Majora’s Mask was nightmare-fuel, but way to make players panicked and powerless.

Chrono Trigger

No one likes to see a majestic ship like the Blackbird end up in flames thanks to lasers, but when its commander is the jerk who knocked you out, stole your ship and all your weapons, then…oh well. Sacrifices can be made.

choro trigger.jpg

Dalton of incompetent fame had the nerve to not only take your weapons but do so after your main man croaks (no, no. Don’t stress. Frog was just fine) — which, by the way, taking away that red spiky-headed hero right after he learned Luminaire was the most cruel of weapon-stealing tricks one could play. That aside, crawling around through ventilation ducts is not becoming of the Princess Marle but, honestly, she shouldn’t be in your party anyway. Ayla is the over-powered fighting machine that is the fix to any and all problems that Chrono Trigger tries to throw at you. She’ll get you out of the ducts and kick Dalton’s ass.

Let’s not be too hard on that fool though because he did add wings to the Epoch. A small ‘thank you’ might be in order.

Resident Evil Revelations

Being a spectator to this series is so different than actually playing. It’s an obvious statement but experiencing being a groggy, weaponless Jill on a dirty cruise ship sailing to nowhere has left its unsettling mark on us.


The Resident Evil series has been heralded by gamers everywhere as being in decline. But let us just say, being easily scared by things made that particular scenario terrifying. The infected hiding in the closet (why the closet always, guys? Under the bed is always scarier!), the panic that set in realizing weapons were taken… it was almost too much stress. But then the saviors “Dodge,” “Push,” “Kick” and “Run” appeared and were just the besties anyone could ask for. Phew. Thank goodness for Try Again options after the embarrassing “You Are Dead” screen.

Metal Gear Solid II


Simulation took on all new heights as Raiden was thrust into the game within the game. Stripped naked, tortured by Solidus, then finding out Solidus is your godfather, strange got stranger. With a stream of weird images, virtual Campbell goes crazy, Rosemary has a melodramatic breakdown in the middle of a combat mission, and Raiden does flips in the nude, We still can’t tell who was playing who.

P.T. Silent Hill

Silent Hill takes a lot away and leaves you with the bare minimum. It maximizes fear through limited visibility, and replaces high-powered guns with wrenches. It’s the real world with the added twists of overly aggressive supernatural forces. It also preys on guilty pasts and selfish, inhuman decisions and ultimately messes with the mind — the sort of psychological terrors that is man’s worst enemy.

Silent Hill: Downpour

In P.T., the demo was presented without prior knowledge of what it was: a new game forthcoming, no title other than an obscure matter-of-fact thing that drops you into a dark room with no sense of where you are and what you should do. Then it loops. It loops this mundane walk down a hall and begins to introduce sounds and effects. Open doors. Shut doors. Radio messages. Silence. It’s a bad dream and as things clearly become more dangerous, the need to grab and interact with the world becomes urgent and yet you are still left with nothing. Then, the game gives you a flashlight. Something to defend yourself with or another tool to arm the forces against you? A light to shine on demise? That sounds more like it.

Source – Kotaku 

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