Best Easter Eggs And Secrets In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

intendo have boldly reinvented The Legend of Zelda for a whole new generation, perfectly executing on one hell of an initial vision.

you’re free to explore in any direction, discover all manner of hidden locations, weapons, quests, puzzle rooms and more. There’s a glorious realisation that you’re in an actual world of possibility, not some check-box list of things to do, ‘because it’s a video game’

Map Markers Translate Into “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”

Thanks to one genius fan actually managing to translate the entire Sheikah language, it’s then possible to transcode everything from the scripture written into various Shrines, to that in the Tech Labs that upgrades your Slate, to even the map markers themselves.

breath .png

Simply place one down and you’ll see a shaft of light denoting its position – assumedly just so you can spy your markers from afar. However, if you translate the symbols using the guide, it’ll produce the line, “It’s dangerous to go alone”; the very first thing said to you by The Old Man in the original The Legend of Zelda from 1986. Said ‘Old Man’ is later revealed to be King Rhoam, but is clearly inspired by/directly based on the same old fella that hands Link his sword in that same game.

A Tribute To The 1986 Original’s Artwork

Legend Of Zelda NES

Did you catch this?

Chances are at the beginning of the game you were dying to sprint off and explore to notice, though the game does linger on the shot overlooking all of Hyrule – a deliberate choice, being it mimics the very first artwork created for the original LoZ.


Even down to Death Mountain in the distance and the small body of circular water in the middle, there are multiple references to the notion of Breath of the Wild being a full reset for the franchise – something that alongside its “Go anywhere, just figure it out” approach, this totally ties into.

Flower Arranging

And we all thought A Link Between Worlds was the last time Nintendo would create a direct connection between their 1991 classic and something newer.


In Breath of the Wild, travel to the Korok Woods and you’ll find a spot bathed in sunlight, where you can pluck the Master Sword from its housing (provided you’ve got 13 hearts, anyway). However, look to the surrounding arrangement of those flowers, and they’re a perfect match for the same layout as that of Link to the Past.

Limited Edition Box Translates Into “The Hyrule Fantasy”

Back to applying the Sheikah language for the biggest mind-blower in all of Hyrule – one that rewards only the most devoted of Zelda fans.


First up, you need to have gained a basic understanding of the Sheikah language (seen here), which can then be applied to the outer casing of the Limited Edition of Breath of the Wild, as there’s a small ‘trim’ of symbols adorning its edges. Translate, and you’ll get “The Hyrule Fantasy”, the original name for The Legend of Zelda from over 30 years ago.

Source – Whatculture

#Best Easter Eggs And Secrets In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild