Thousands Of Players Will Boycott For Honor Because Of Broken Features

This afternoon, Ubisoft updated For Honor’s currency system, increasing steel income by 25 percent across all matches. A map players liked is getting reinstated after Ubisoft removed it earlier this month and 12 outfits were added. The dev team will detail further upcoming changes tomorrow on their livestream. In an e-mail, a Ubisoft representative said that today’s changes were planned before players started threatening to boycott the game.

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Since For Honor’s February release, players have compiled a laundry list of complaints including multiplayer connectivity issues, imbalanced heroes, poor matchmaking, and combat glitches. Players have also pointed out that For Honor’s unbalanced in-game currency system makes it impossible to unlock all the items and emotes. The high price of items and frankly pitiful currency gains after matches proved especially frustrating for players, fueling a micro-transaction economy they were not thrilled about.


Today’s patch may help fix some of these problems, but before the latest changes, players had threatened to take action. Yesterday, Redditor Jbaayoun proposed a “blackout.” For 24 hours, on April 3, For Honor players would boycott the game. 11,000 people upvoted the post. A list of proposed changes followed it. On top was “Communication.”

“I personally find no use in spamming Reddit with the same issues,” Jbaayoun told me in an e-mail. “It’s very redundant and Ubisoft is already aware of the problems we are having.”

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Several commenters joked that they were already participating in the “blackout,” having quit the game out of frustration. Many others expressed support or reiterated complaints they’d expressed on other posts over the last month.

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#Thousands Of Players Will Boycott For Honor Because Of Broken Features