Worst Boss Battles In Dark Souls Series

Whilst difficulty is a major factor in boss quality, there is also lore, design, and the overall impact they can provide. There are twenty-six bosses across all three main Dark Souls’ games – including the DLC, of course – so let’s get to providing a definitive ranking.

Bed Of Chaos

It is very rare the Soul’s series gives us a terrible boss – with most at least being above average – but the Bed of Chaos is insultingly bad.

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Going against the reaction-based gameplay that makes the series great, this boss opts for a bizarre platforming challenge as you try to avoid bottomless pits. That, combined with the un-dodgeable sweeps that ensure a swift fall into the aforementioned pits, result in a painfully frustrating encounter that represents the worst Dark Souls has to offer.

Stray Demon

The first of three Asylum Demon variations and by far the worst, Stray Demon does nothing special.


Beyond a few additional moves and a buffed health bar, it’s really nothing special. The most annoying part is that of all the bosses that they decided to reuse, they copy and pasted one of the most unimaginative designs there is.

In the end, it adds just enough to justify reusing it, but isn’t nearly interesting enough to climb further up the list.

Demon Firesage

Much the same as the previous entry, the Demon Firesage is another Asylum Demon re-skin with the same move-set as the Stray Demon.


You may be asking, if it’s pretty much the same as the previous entry, then why is this ranked above the Stray Demon? Simply because, well, it’s on fire, which is quite literally the only meaningful distinction.

Centipede Demon

Yet another entry from the notoriously rushed area of the Demon Ruins, the Centipede Demon is just annoying.

Whilst he is really cool-looking, his visuals are ruined by the garish lava effect that burns your retinas and fills the entire area.


Not to mention the area upon which you fight him is tiny in relation to its size and the fact that you need to coax him onto the platform before you can even fight him. A neat aesthetic, but ruined by the added awkwardness of the arena itself.

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