Most Exciting Video Games Coming In 2017 That Nobody Is Talking About

However, considering the massive year 2017 has been in its first three months, with prominent titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Mass Effect Andromeda all releasing in the same month, it’s not exactly surprising that some games have been ignored in favour of the major AAA titles.

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Coming from the developer of the zombie side-scroller Deadlight comes Rime, a third-person puzzle-action game in which you play as a young boy attempting to escape an island and a curse. The game involves puzzle-solving inside a freeform world with specific levels, invoking a kind of ‘Wind Waker meets The Witness’ kind of vibe.

Rise has had multiple gameplay videos released, showing off a game that promises a largely unique experience in which you’re forced to use your brain for the brain-busting progression. Add that in with the apparent rapport had between the protagonist and his small animal companion, and there’s potential for plenty of heartfelt moments between the two.


The developers seem to have confidence in their mechanics and art style as the character(s) will remain quiet and dialogue-less. This will allow the gameplay and visuals to do the talking instead – much like Breath of the Wild – motivating players to appreciate every little detail in the world and environment.

Come April 26th, gamers will see whether Rime is a puzzle game on-par with the likes of Ico and The Witness.


It’s amazing that considering how varied gaming has become within the industry, there hasn’t been a decent vampire simulator. Out of all the mainstream games that have come out in recent years, it seems like Skyrim is the only one to offer any entertaining vampire-based gameplay.

However, thanks to developer Dontnod Entertainment, gamers may finally have a next-level vampire simulator that’s both a blast to play and suitably bloody.


Set in a dark and atmospheric 1918 London setting, Vampyr sees a doctor that is coming to terms with his recent transformation into a vampire. He finds himself struggling with the moral imbalances between taking care of people and needing to kill to survive, represented through the character’s moments of self-reflection and the game’s dialogue options. The gameplay utilizes Dishonored-like powers and melee/gun combat to dispatch foes.

Coming from the developers of Life is Strange, you can expect this game to be narrative-heavy with strong characters spread throughout the campaign. Mix that in with gameplay that looks like it’ll reward experimentation and avoid forcing players to play any certain way (you can beat the game without killing anyone). Vampyr’s expect to come out Q4 of 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out for the new definitive vampire gaming experience.

Shadow Warrior 2

If you ever wished that the main character in Doom used swords and said really corny one-liners, then Shadow Warrior 2 may be a perfect choice for you. Add in greatly varied enemy types, intense gameplay, and four-player co-op, then you’ve got a wildly over-the-top and enjoyable experience that everyone should try out.

The story here is nice and simple as it involves your character Lo Wang fighting off demons sent from another dimension by the game’s antagonist Zilla. Using anything from ninja swords to miniguns, SW2 gives players plenty of opportunities to experiment with the game’s many excellent combat options when fighting the game’s plentiful amount of enemy hordes.


If you were a fan of Doom (2016), then this is an easy recommendation as the combat resembles that same visceral and in-your-face style. Shadow Warrior 2 is already available on Steam, but will be made available to Xbox One and PS4 players this Spring.

State Of Decay 2

Although the zombie genre is a bit overused at this point, it’s difficult not to get excited over developer Undead Labs’ follow-up to their surprising 2013 hit State of Decay. What set State of Decay apart from other games within the zombie genre was the amount of depth its gameplay systems had, with the base-building and companion systems getting some additional praise.

In a genre that had seemingly seen it all, State of Decay offered something fresh. With a sequel coming this year, it seems appropriate to expect some more fresh ideas and concepts once again.

010.jpgVery little is known about the sequel quite yet outside of what the initial trailer showed: more driveable cars, exploration elements, companions, and a whole mess of zombies to kill. The trailer did show off some potentially emotional moments with one of the playable characters holding someone closely, so perhaps there will be some feels to go with the zombie murder sprees.

It can be assumed that the base-building will be back on a greater scale, as well as the original game’s many key components like the weapon variety and many recruitable characters spread throughout the world. It also shouldn’t be forgotten that the trailer’s tagline was “Nobody Survives Alone.”

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#Most Exciting Video Games Coming In 2017 That Nobody Is Talking About