Amazing Video Game That Will Make Make Great Movies

For some reason, directors can’t take popular video games and turn them into half-decent films – somewhere along the line a producer or executive always has to make a convoluted change that ruins everything.


Despite being one of the newest franchises on this list, the two Dishonored games have been massively popular with gamers, with Dishonored 2 even earning itself a spot as the advertising sponsor for The Walking Dead in the UK for a few weeks last year. The first person, stealth-based action set within a steam-punk inspired world helps the series stand out in an over-populated genre and would also help it gain attention in the movie industry.


The story of the first game, a man framed for a crime he didn’t commit seeking revenge, is one that has been done plenty of times in movies. However, while that does mean the film would be competing in a crowded market, it also means people like to see revenge stories.


If the film-makers made sure to focus on the interesting elements of the series, such as the magical powers, the unique settings and the mysterious realm of the Void, instead of taking the easy route and turning the film into ‘Taken, with a Cool Mask’, then a Dishonored movie could turn out to be a surprise box-office hit.

The Order: 1886

When The Order: 1886 was teased at E3 2013, people were blown away by its incredible graphics, unique setting and interesting story. Sadly, when the game actually came out, it was met with wide-side criticism. The gameplay was boring, the story was underdeveloped and, at barely 5 hours long, it was ridiculously short.

The video game had so much potential that it didn’t capitalise on, but the series could be revived in the form of a movie. With the Victorian era setting and mythical elements like the strange ‘wolfmen’ enemies, the game is similar to films such as Van Helsing and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Since those movies came out in the early 2000s, we haven’t seen much similar since, so there’s a gap in the market for The Order: 1886.


The film could also go in another direction and focus more on the story of the Order, using the movie as a way to set up the team and create a series to rival Marvel and DC’s superhero movie universes. If the film made sure to expand on the elements of the game that worked and fully develop the story and setting, it could be the first time a video game movie is actually better than the original game.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series has firmly placed itself in gaming history thanks to its memorable cast of characters and companions, innovative dialogue options and the way the story noticeably changed based on your actions (although that did go out the window with the infamous ending to Mass Effect 3). With the latest title in the franchise, Andromeda, just days away from release, there’s no doubt that Mass Effect is a big enough franchise to justify a movie adaptation.

mass effect 2

The space-set, crew-ensemble sci-fi genre has hit the mainstream in recent years, but apart from Star Trek and Star Wars, there isn’t another big franchise on the market, meaning there’s a place for Mass Effect to fill. With four games to take inspiration from, along with comic books, novels and the tons of in-game folklore, there’s plenty of engaging story content to fill a whole series of movies.

The story is strong enough on its own, but no sci-fi film would be complete without all the different alien races and futuristic technology. Mass Effect has that in abundance, with dozens of unique species, planets and spaceships, along with the large scale space battles that are a must for the genre. Seeing Sovereign for the first time on the big screen would be a truly iconic moment.

Red Dead Redemption

Following its release in 2010, Red Dead Redemption received widespread acclaim from gamers, soon becoming known as one of the best open world games ever made. The game saw John Marston, a former outlaw, seeking redemption (get it?) for his past crimes in the dying Wild West, and appealed to gamers with its interesting characters, mature story and addictive gameplay, which was filled with unique and dynamic moments that made the world feel truly alive.


With the Western genre making a comeback in recent years thanks to films like Django Unchained and the Magnificent Seven remake, a Red Dead Redemption movie would have a wider market appeal than just the gamer crowd. Also, the plot of the game is fairly grounded for the most part, which would make it easy to adapt for film and realistic enough for the audience to engage with (compared to stealing jetpacks and raiding army bases like in another famous Rockstar title).

The themes seen throughout the game, like the parallel between the lifestyle of the Old West dying out with the dawn of automobiles and industry and Marston’s path to redemption, would transfer well to film and would help Red Dead Redemption become more than just a video game movie; it could become as well respected as films like The Revenant and True Grit.

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