Video Games With Most Insane Endings That Shocked Everyone

Even the original Nintendo is peppered with a few greatly twisted tales, but game endings have only become weirder, twistier, and morally grayer as time goes on

Metroid (1986)

As space pirate Samus Aran, it’s your mission to hunt down the homeworld of the invasive, life-sucking Metroids, and just shut that whole thing down.


Portal 2 (2011At the end of your mission, you fight the pulsating Mother Brain and rush to escape the collapsing planet. If you do a good job, you’re rewarded with a pretty unexpected ending: Samus removes her helmet. Yes, her: Samus was a badass woman the whole time and you, young man, just learned a lesson in gender politics. This lesson is immediately muddied if you beat the game in under an hour, because Samus basically strips down to her undies, weirdly incentivizing victory for little boys everywhere

Batman: Arkham City (2011)

Rocksteady Studios brought their Arkham trilogy of games to places that Batman’s comics never dared venture, and broke numerous Bat-rules in the process, such as revealing Batman’s true identity to the world … and letting Joker die.

batman arkham city .jpg

At the conclusion of Arkham City, even Batman thinks that he’s going to save Joker from the toxin ravaging his bony little body, but at the last moment, Joker stabs Batman in the shoulder, forcing Bats to drop the antidote. The Clown Prince of Crime still dies on his own terms, laughing about how hilarious the situation is, and Batman doesn’t violate his ethics. Even though it’s a video game, it’s probably one of the best Batman stories ever written. Take that, Frank Miller.

Bionic Commando (2009)

The original 1987 Bionic Commando is notable in that it’s the first platforming game that used a grappling hook mechanism, which would later show up in countless games as an invaluable tool.


The 2009 sequel is notable for completely different reasons. At one point near the game’s final sequence, the secret location of hero Nathan Spencer’s missing wife is revealed … and it just happens to be in the bionic arm he had grafted onto him years ago. He’s had a weird version of a robot wife attached to his shoulder all this time and didn’t even know it. This raises many more questions than could possibly ever be answered, so its probably best we just never ask them, period.

Portal 2 (2011)

Four years later, Valve returned with a Portal sequel, which was just as awesome as the first, but with more Stephen Merchant, which is always a good thing.

portal 2

The game is more of the same, traversing levels as competing computer AI programs fight their own battle behind the scenes and alter your environment as they do so. Through a series of awesome events, most of the bad stuff is sucked into space through a portal on the Moon. Even more surprising, the robot that’s been trying to kill you for two games just decides to let you go. The robots again sing to you, and it’s just as spectacular as the first time, which is a surprise in itself.

Source – Grunge