Persona 5 Is One Of The Best RPG Ever Made For Playstation 4

It’s a real shame that there’s so many people outside of Japan who aren’t aware of it, but Atlus’s string of phenomenal RPGs have turned into quite the special series indeed.

Classic Gameplay With New Ideas

The Persona 5 formula is fairly simple: You’ll enter a dungeon, run around and beat up the baddies, but to be honest, describing the game like that is doing it a disservice.

If you’ve played your fair share of JRPGs you’ll have a good idea of what to expect, but there are more than enough other little features and quirks to set it far apart from the rest of the pack.

For one thing, the dungeons have fast-paced action segments, and that’s outside of the battles. You might find yourself dashing from cover to cover to avoid being spotted by an enemy, or jumping across chandeliers in order to navigate a grand hall.


The combat is tried, tested, and turn-based. You select an attack or skill, select an enemy, and go. Different enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to carefully select which character to attack each enemy with, if you want to avoid seeing a game over screen more than a few times. It can be pretty challenging, and despite not being as cutthroat as the likes of Bloodborne, if you go in to any battle without a plan of action, you’re not likely to make it out alive.

The Visuals

The art design of a game can completely make or break and experience. Perhaps it’s not the be-all and end-all of the game as a whole, but if your title looks like rubbish, it certainly doesn’t help.

As with the music, Persona has a very individual style. At surface level, it might just look like one of any number of other anime-esque JRPGs, but it’s everything else that gives the game a flavour of its own.


Bright, block colours are used in abundance, and you’ll literally be seeing red in Persona 5 more times than you can count. Persona 4’s happy, yellow colour scheme connoted its themes of friendship and warmth, but the blood red of Persona 5 represents something far more sinister.

Mix all of the little quirks in with a beautiful opening animation worked on by ‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ director Sayo Yamamoto, and you’ve got a first class ticket to pure eye-candy.

The Future Of The Series

Atlus likes nothing more than a spin-off. Persona is already an offshoot from Shin Megami Tensei, and there will be plenty of additional side games released to compliment Persona 5, mark my words.

Persona 4 had a re-release (Persona 4 Golden), a fighting game (Persona 4 Arena), a re-release of the fighting game, a dungeon crawler on the 3DS (Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth), and even a rhythm game (Persona 4: Dancing All Night).


That’s without mentioning the two full anime adaptations, manga series, film, and live action stage show. It’s probably safe to assume that there’s not going to be a Persona drought anytime soon.

Anything released will likely be canon too, and a direct continuation of the story seen in the main game, as if a hundred hours plus of Persona 5 story content wasn’t enough. Each numbered Persona game is fairly self-contained, yes there are occasionally small references here or there, but having spent hundreds of hours finishing all the prior games is far from a requirement to enjoy this one.

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#Persona 5 Is One Of The Best RPG Ever Made For Playstation 4