Upcoming Video Games That Could Take Gaming On Another Level

which games can provide you with more value and keep you hooked up for more than 100 hours of gameplay time? Some of the games in the list could be total game changer in terms of Story and Gameplay Mechanics.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It has been a long time since Read Dead Redemption first graced our screens, but in 2017 the game will finally return. Not much is known at this point, but it is likely that the open world sandbox will be even bigger than the last game, and if recent entries in the Grand Theft Auto line are any indication, there will be a great deal for players to do both in the core game, and with the aid of their own creations.


The game will also feature multiplayer, so it’s likely you’ll have even more to do once your friends get in the game.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a shared open world game about crewing a pirate ship, finding buried treasure, and getting that treasure to a safe haven. Along the way you might be boarded by rival pirates or even betrayed by your own crew.


Sea of Thieves iterates on a simple premise, allowing the shared world to shape players experiences more deeply. Will you form a pirate fleet? Set out on your own? Defend the safe harbor and sink any ship that approaches? The choices are all yours and the opportunity for emergent gameplay ensures that you’ll have novel experiences every time you log in.

Detroit: Become Human


The trailer of Detroit: Become Human shows off the game’s branching story. In just the few moments of a small roof top encounter, we see myriad futures play out. Not much about the game is known at present, but the allure of a branching story line is obvious, and players who enjoy one play through of the game will likely enjoy many, as they alter their decisions and watch the effects cascade through the rest of the story.


Elex is an upcoming, open world, sci-fi fantasy RPG. In the game you’ll inhabit a post apocalyptic, semi-magical world where your choices have real consequence.


Integrated quest chains with moral choices will shape the world that players create, meaning that each play through offers the opportunity for a radically different outcome. On top of this, Elex will feature jet packs that allow you to reach any part of the map, giving players unprecedented levels of freedom in exploration.

Source – GamingBolt

#Upcoming Video Games That Could Take Gaming On Another Level