Most Annoying Types Of People You Meet While Playing Online Games

The online world of gaming is chock full of some of the most infuriating types of people you could ever meet. People who see the online aspect of the game as a reason to detach themselves from any semblance of common decency, acting in the most annoying way possible.

Quit Mid-Game To ‘Preserve Their Stats’

“MY K/D ratio!”

The battle cry of the players who don’t quite grasp the idea of playing a game for fun. The kind of player who wants to have the best numbers, and who thinks that anyone who gets in the way of that is the worst human to ever walk the planet.


Often they simply quit out mid-game rather than have the match affect their overall stats and ruining everyone else’s game in the process.

Because why have fun when you can be the best player around! At least, statistically speaking.


Also, known as the fun police. The kind of person who once watched a documentary on war and now know the strategy behind winning Battlefield.


‘You’re not doing It right!’

They are the kind of people who think they know best and think they know the best way to have fun and that everyone else has no idea what they are doing. The kind of people with visions of being the hero that will lead their team from squalor to victory.

But they aren’t that hero. They are just annoying.

Pay To Win

Micro-transactions… the bane of the gaming industry. No matter how skilled or good you are, there is always someone with rich parents who has bought their place on the leaderboard.


Developers don’t realise is that people who are willing to pay once, are willing to pay a thousand more times and get a thousand of those small boosts, completely ruining any in game progression.

That and the fact the people who pay to win seem to think that they are the best players in the world resulting in decimating someone who has paid to win being insanely enjoyable.

The real world is already pay to win, we don’t need our fake worlds following suit!

Five-Year-Old Screamers

The petty people who speak in broken English – despite it being their first language – and send enormous messages of profanity and excessive details on the intimate relations they have had with your various relatives.


The kind of people who grew up to be however old they are without ever being told ‘no’. Who are now forty-seven and have the emotional maturity of a rather rotund potato.

Easily the most annoying people you’ll ever meet playing online, but coincidentally, the biggest source of humour to ever grace online gaming!

Source – Whatculture

#Most Annoying Types Of People You Meet While Playing Online Games