Modern Video Games That Are Overrated By Critics

Here’s a selection of recent games many critics enjoyed for one reason or other, but gamers didn’t find to be quite so hot.


Metacritic score: 83
User score: 6.4

If Abzu reminds you of the PlayStation exclusive game Journey, that’s no coincidence. That’s because that game’s lead artist, Matt Nava, started the studio that made Abzu. So what is Abzu? It’s a game of underwater exploration. You play as a diver who ventures into uncharted waters just to see what’s going on. You encounter all kinds of sea life, sunken ruins, forests of algae, and vast canyons. It’s strikingly beautiful, just like Journey, but it doesn’t bother with many gaming conventions, like challenge or an obvious narrative. abzu-752x430

Many critics enjoyed Abzu’s peaceful, Zen-like qualities. Unlike critics, the majority of users found the whole thing pointless and way too short.

Song of the Deep

Metacritic score: 77
User score: 6.1

Song of the Deep brings players to an underwater environment filled with enemy creatures and ancient cities. While you’re there, you get to shoot at stuff from an adorable little submarine. It uses the tried-and-true “Metroidvania” style of game design, which means you’re always acquiring new abilities that let you venture further into the game world.


On the critical side of things, Song of the Deep did pretty well, but users had a more tepid reaction, citing poor performance and its inability to live up to other games in the genre.

Dead Island: Definitive Collection

Metacritic score: 67
User score: 4.9

This HD remastered collection includes Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, and all the DLC ever released for both games. It also packs a new endless running game called Dead Island Retro Revenge that turned out to be pretty boring. But the first two games are the meat of the package, and they’re basically action-RPGs that have you hacking your way through hordes of the undead. Along the way, you find tons of loot, upgrades, and weapons you can equip, along with experience points to help you fill out your skill tree.

maxresdefault (5).jpg

Most critics found it to be a decent collection, but users were upset that it only contained a download code for Riptide, while offering little incentive to play through the games again

Source – CheatSheet

#Modern Video Games That Are Overrated By Critics