Will Xbox Project Scorpio Going To Cost $700 ?

How expensive? That’s a fascinating question that only got more interesting this week when it was leaked that Project Scorpio may be capable of native 4K streaming and gameplay recording right out of the box. That’s an impressive feat.

As we speculated at the time of that leak, that impressive feat might require a piece of technology which typically retails somewhere in the $300-$400 range. While It’s highly unlikely the full retail price of such a capture card is going to be tacked on to the price of Project Scorpio, it is yet another aspect of the system which suggests Scorpio’s price might be dauntingly high.


For instance, consider the fact that Microsoft has confirmed that Scorpio’s graphics card will possess 6 teraflops of power. While Microsoft isn’t confirming the specific make of that card, a retail graphics card of equivalent power is going to run you around $350. Of course, given Scorpio’s theoretical 4K and VR processing potential, the console’s graphics card could actually be closer to the $400 range.

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But ok, let’s say $350. What about Scorpio’s processor? Here, Microsoft has confirmed that AMD will be supplying the console’s processor. Given that AMD just unveiled their Ryzen line – and name dropped Scorpio during their CES 2017 showing – it seems like a sure bet that Scorpio is going to feature a high-end Ryzen processor. Such a processor is going to cost you between $349.99 and $499.99 based on how crazy you want to get.

Given that we don’t know much more about Scorpio’s hardware, it’s hard to continue speculating with certainty regarding the console’s theoretical price on a piece-by-piece basis. Still, some PC building experts are speculating that if you want to build a computer that will surpass the abilities of Scorpio, you should probably expect to drop around $2000.

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Does that mean that Project Scorpio will cost $2000? Absolutely not. Not only are there discounts from mass manufacturing to consider, but there’s also the fact that building a PC and building a console are two very different prospects.

However, it’s safe to say that Project Scorpio is going to cost more than the $399 PS4 Pro simply because it will be more powerful than Sony’s device. Using that information, also take into consideration that you can build a PC with specs similar to PS4 Pro for around $700.


If the PC equivalent of a PS4 Pro costs about $700 and it’s believed that Scorpio’s PC equivalent retails for somewhere in the $1500 to $2000 range, then you start to get the impression that Scorpio could very well be a $699 system.

Would Microsoft really release such an expensive device? Possibly. Remember that we don’t know every piece of hardware in Scorpio and we don’t know any special features the console may boast. Also, consider that Microsoft has said that Scorpio will be a “premium product” and that this is the company that dared to release a $150 controller aimed at the same “pro” market that Scorpio is intended for.


All that being said, it feels like $699 is the absolute max price for Scorpio while $599 is likely a more realistic price tag.

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#Will Xbox Project Scorpio Going To Cost $700  ?