Most Amazing Things About Mass Effect Andromeda

This is one of the richest mythologies and franchise lores in entertainment history – something that – miraculously – manages to elevate Andromeda far higher than it would otherwise deserve.

Occasional Moments Of Excellent Writing

Remember how Mass Effect as a franchise was this wondrous combination of intergalactic alien wonder, planetary discovery and interracial space politics? Andromeda has all of those things, they’re just buried and scattered amongst your inventory like specs of dust across the cosmos.

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There’s a great beat when you first get to Angara and realise that the Nexus (your hub ship) has set up a community messaging program, allowing Angaran citizens to voice their concerns about your presence as the first extra terrestrial they’ve ever met. The postings are ‘human’, for want of a better word, and more memorable moments come from Cora and Vetra’s loyalty missions, which expertly highlight why we love Mass Effect – that ability to operate on a macro and micro scale simultaneously, pairing the scope and scale of sailing through the cosmos and saving the stars themselves with a contrasting tale of someone asking for help to find their sister.

These moments remind you immediately of everything the franchise once stood for and did better than literally everybody else.

It reminds you why Bioware were such a momentous name in the industry, and whilst I think this particular ‘Up’ is enough to overshadow almost all the other ‘Downs’ so far, the structure of Andromeda ensures hardly anyone will ever actually see this content.

Open-World Loop

Once you get your head around how to craft weapons and which powers you enjoy deploying – perhaps even completing some loyalty missions or getting romantically involved with a character or two – everything will start to click.

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You’ll deploy down to a planet just because you want to, knowing that the 10+ side missions you’ve racked up will all have their respective markers on the map. You’ll summon the Nomad and tear off across sandy dunes, ice-covered lakes or low-gravity mountains, bounding from place to place, collecting, killing, conversing and being rewarded in turn.

When it’s firing on all cylinders – i.e. when you get out of the tutorial or after you’ve felled the Archon and can just take in the galaxy and its requisite systems – there is a LOT to love about being the ‘Pathfinder’; Andromeda’s version of a Spectre from the original trilogy.

It’s Still Mass Effect

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the only games I’ve played with so much potential buried away deep under multiple surface layers, it takes hours for everything to slide into place. Off-kilter humour and facial animations don’t even register when you’re sending enemies flying into space with the combined help of a Krogan shoulder-barge and biotic throw.

There’s something about being an integral part of a story that moves forward with the aid of these select races – Krogans, Turians, Asari – that even in the face of all the bugs and glitches, all the maligned UI problems and overwhelming mechanics, manages to actually come together.


It’s entirely subjective, but if you’ve considered yourself an active Mass Effect fan since 2012 and didn’t let the franchise fall away after That Ending, you’ll find a home in Andromeda alongside your crew and everyone else they brought along.

It really is a shame this is the best Bioware could do, but all the same, it’s good to have Mass Effect back.

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#Most Amazing Things About Mass Effect Andromeda