Is Mario Facing A Midlife Crisis ?

Some  game theories are just plain idiotic, with no logic or reason behind them €“while others are the furious and obvious attempts of disgruntled fans seeking to fill in the gaps of an unsatisfactorily developed game. Bless them.

Mario’s Midlife Crisis

Mario is a no-hoper, in a job he hates (hence spending precisely zero time picking up actual jobs,) who invents a secret world where he is a hero, taking on incredibly stacked odds to destroy a lizard king and rescue a nubile blonde princess.

The game series is nothing more than an adrenaline-fuelled macho power dream: there’s no other way to account for the fact that a plumber is deemed the most appropriate and best equipped “hero” to take on the might of the Koopa clan and their various castles, dungeons and airships.


Added to that, the player sees Mario smashing up worlds via the power of his head, exerting his strength, and stomping on enemies who yield as if he is a demi-God, as he runs around accumulating vast wealth and rides off into the sunset as the princess’ knight in shining armour. They couldn’t have made it more obvious unless Mario had a pony tail and rode a Harley Davison.

Source – Whatculture

#Is Mario Facing A Midlife Crisis ?