Video Games Nearly Impossible To Beat On Hard Mode

There’s Hard mode, which offers a completely different experience altogether, testing the limits of both our skills and our sanity. Here are some prime examples of titles that become truly punishing ordeals when on Hard mode.

The Last of Us – Grounded mode

If you’ve played The Last of Us, then you know the meaning of tension. Nothing fills you up with adrenaline more than being crouched down in an abandoned building and being deadly silent as you listen for the telltale signs that Clickers are on the prowl. Thanks to your finely tuned survival skills, you can hear where threats are coming from and approximately how many there are.


So what if we were to tell you that the game’s Grounded Mode makes the game that much harder by taking away your ability to listen? And on top of that horrendous news, you also take more damage from enemy attacks and your user interface is simplified, meaning you can’t see what your health is, how many bullets you have, and you wont find a whole lot of supplies to help you. If you’re super-patient, and can stealth around while memorizing the paths that enemies take, you have a fighting chance at getting through this nightmare of a mode.

Doom (2016) – Ultra Nightmare mode

Speaking of nightmares, hearing that 2016’s Doom has an Ultra-Nightmare mode sounds pretty daunting, eh? Well, it should. Even though some speedrunners and dedicated gamers have figured out how to conquer this mode without dying, don’t expect it to be a cakewalk. In fact, you should probably be studying these gamers’ every move.

doom 4

Ultra-Nightmare mode is an exercise in virtual punishment that makes you start from the very beginning whenever you die. This means that you could chip through five hours of Doom, playing your heart out and being smart about your kills, and still end up back at the beginning because of a single misstep. Permadeath never felt so painful. In those moments, we find that it’s completely acceptable to chuck your controller and roll around on the floor, sobbing.

Mass Effect 2 – Insanity mode

Mass Effect 2 is one of the most outstanding sci-fi video games ever crafted, featuring memorable characters and gameplay that blended role-playing game concepts with third-person shooter mechanics.

mass effect 2

The result of this combination gave us a fun way to pair biotic abilities — which you can basically think of as “space magic” — with gunplay to make combat dynamic and rewarding. On Insanity Mode, however, you’re going to want to really invest some time into finding out how your weapons work, what upgrades to take, and the right timing for skills. According to user Sergey on Giant Bomb, you’ll also have to pay attention to your squad’s stats, because some characters and their skills might be more useful in certain kinds of fights. In Insanity Mode, saving the galaxy from the threat of the Reapers might take you a little longer than you expected.

Ninja Gaiden 2 – Master Ninja mode

If you’re up to the task, you can prove your shinobi skills in Ninja Gaiden 2’s Path of the Master Ninja mode. And believe it or not, other human beings have been able to defeat this ridiculousmode without the use of any exploits or cheats.


According to Madison of Unreality Mag, it takes a lot of essence farming and techniques such as taking advantage of attacks that grant Ryu invincibility during their animations. Spending those essences on augmenting your weapons and buying healing items should also help in the fight against enemies that are faster, stronger, and capable of dishing out more projectiles than ever before. If you’ve got the time and dedication to level up your skills, you’ll be slashing your way towards the Archfiend in no time. But, more realistically, you’ll probably end up cratering your controller into the TV in frustration. Sorry!

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#Video Games Nearly Impossible To Beat On Hard Mode