PlayStation 3 – It’s Time Say Goodbye!

The console’s entry on PlayStation’s official Japanese website (translated by Gematsu) has been updated to read, “Shipments are scheduled to end soon.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean global production will cease any time soon, however. While Japanese and western consumers are typically quick to adopt new technology (and therefore sales would be expected to dry up sooner than in other markets), other territories are slower to receive new hardware–hence products often see longer tails. For example, while the PS3 came to Japan and North America in November 2006, it didn’t launch in Brazil until 2010, so production could be expected to continue for some time there.


Much of the PS3’s early life was marred by a high retail price and reports that it was difficult to develop for, but the console enjoyed a resurgence of sorts later on thanks to high-quality exclusive titles like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Journey, LittleBigPlanet, and The Last of Us.

Source – Gamespot

#PlayStation 3 – Its Time Say Goodbye!